Airbeds with Memory Foam

Of the current adjustable airbeds by Air-Pedic (a Selectabed brand), the Air-Pedic 500 is their entry level memory foam design. It is also one of only two models not compared by Selectabed to Sleep Number models.

The Air-Pedic 500 is 10” high, with 3” of foam comfort layers above a 6” high air support core. The foams are encased separately from the air chambers (which is why it is described as a Euro-top). The foam does not get caught between air chambers as mentioned in reviews of some other airbed brands. The remaining inch of height is from the base pad at the bottom of the airbed.

The air chambers are made of medical grade urethane, which are made reistant to bacteria by RF welding.. This is dual control, now standard for adjustable airbeds, with a separate control for each side.

Air-Pedic Remote                   Spinal Straightening w/ Lumbar Chamber

Air Support

This is a 6-chamber bed, meaning that in all sizes but Twin XL, it has six air chambers, 3 for each sleeper. This is standard in all Air-Pedic airbeds, which do not come in Full size, but Twin XL, Queen, California King, Eastern king, and (for some models, including the 500) Split King. The advantage of the 6-chamber system over two chambers (one for each sleeper) is no hammocking. The middle chamber supports the heavier center section of the body. With a single chamber, at lower pressure settings, as the mid-section pushes down, the displaced air pushes up on the head and the feet, as shown in the follwing pictures and this video.

2-Chamber Air Support     *     6-Chamber Air Support

Airbed without lumbar supportAirbed with Lumbar Support

Comfort Layers

The comfort section of the Air-Pedic 500 has a 1” layer of memory foam atop a 2” layer of ResiliFlex. ResiliFlex is supportive polyurethane foam. It is not as firm as the base foam used in the support core of a memory foam mattress.

The memory foam is a 4-lb. density, like that in the top layers of Tri-Pedic mattresses. It has a quicker response to the sleeper than 5-lb. memory foam. When it warms up, it does conform for better pressure relief. It also makes it easier for the sleeper to move than on the 5-lb. foam.

Air-Pedic still has its memory foam models. By contrast, Sleep Number has discontinued the models in their Memory Foam Series and taken the memory foam out of the i10, and now has only one model with memory foam, the i7, a 360 Smart Bed. One reason could be memory foam heat build-up, dealt with in Air-Pedic airbeds by the Airflow Transfer System (see below). However, perhaps memory foam itself is not the main problem, but hammocking, for which memory foam could not compensate.


Around the Air-Pedic 500 is the patented KoolFlow™ Micro-vented Stretch Knit Cover. The fabric is a blend of 43% bamboo rayon, 56.4% polyester, and 0.6% spandex. The micro-vents are knitted in. These vents, which let more air go through, are part of the optional Airflow Transfer System.

Airflow Transfer System

Airflow Transfer System in Air-Pedic 500

The patented Airflow Transfer System is optional on Selectabed mattresses and is a standard feature for TempFlow mattresses and Snuggle-Pedic mattresses and pillows. It is so effective at moving air through a mattress for cooling and freshness (see this video) that a number of mattress manufacturers have tried to duplicate the performance through different design details.

Marketing and Shipping

Unlike Tempflow and Snuggle-Pedic, which have websites of their own (Snuggle-Pedic is also sold on Amazon), Air-Pedic adjustable airbeds are sold only on the Selectabed website and in Relief-Mart stores. These mattresses are not stockpiled waiting for purchase, but are made to order. Consultation with customers allows for customization.

Air-Pedic airbeds are shipped already assembled. This avoids problems related to customer assembly, a subject of complaints in reviews of Sleep Number beds. Also, they are not compressed and rolled for packing into parcel-sized boxes.

120-Day Sleep Guarantee 30-Year Warranty

Returns and Warranty

Selectabed has a 120-day return policy and a 30-year warranty on its Air-Pedic adjustable airbeds, including the Air-Pedic 500. The first three years of the warranty are non-prorated.

Customer Reviews 

We calculate our ratings in accordance to our Verified Review Policy.

Mining remarks by owners on several sites, Sleep Like the Dead lists Air-Pedic as the adjustable airbed brand with the highest customer satisfaction rate.

Since Air-Pedic airbeds are not sold on Amazon, the only customer reviews available are on Viewpoints. The ratings here for Air-Pedic beds are very high, all 4’s and 5’s. However, only seven of the reviews name the model (all 5 stars), and none of these is for the Air-Pedic 500. Taking these seven reviews out of account, still leaves us with an average review rating of 4.83 (96.67%) for all the rest.

Likewise we do not have individual pros & cons for the 500.

Three of the five models named in customer reviews on Viewpoints have memory foam (one named twice). This speaks well for the five Air-Pedic beds with memory foam, probably also applying to the Air-Pedic 500.

Air-Pedic 500

Air-Pedic 500


9.7 /10


  • Comfortable
  • Good Support
  • Holds shape
  • Soft feel
  • Sturdy


  • Squeaks