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Back Be Nimble is owned and operated by Dr. Brad Lustick, a chiropractor. After severe injuries in an automobile accident ended his active clinic practice, he and his wife started Back Be Nimble in 1994 to help others deal with back pain. This includes research and advice, as well as selling products they have found to ease back pain.

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Now the Mattress

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Among the many products sold by Back Be Nimble is the Nimblepedic memory foam mattress. For 13 years, Lustick studied how Tempur-Pedic mattresses work, as well as their limitations. Along with studying materials for foams, he designed a mattress to equal or exceed the Tempur-Pedic’s performance – the Nimblepedic – which could be sold for less. He offers two models of their Nimblepedic™ memory foam mattresses: the 8-inch high Traditional Nimblepedic and the 11-inch Deluxe Nimblepedic.

Nimblepedic Mattress

Traditional Nimblepedic

The Traditional Nimblepedic has a 3⅝-inch top layer of 4-lb. density memory foam with a slightly lower ILD than Tempur-Pedic and a bit less on the mattress cost.  The base is 4” of a high resilient 32-ILD foam with edge support.  As mentioned previously, we do not feel that edge support is necessary in a well-built memory foam mattress. The cutaway view shows a “⅜” poly-foam air barrier.” From this label, it seems this would stop any airflow to the lower layer, which limits cooling the mattress, even with open-cell memory foam. However, according to Dr. Lustick, this allows air to flow between the layers, so the cutaway may have been mislabeled.

Deluxe Nimblepedic

The memory foam layer on top of the Deluxe Nimblepedic is 4” high with 5.7-lb. density. The ILD is not given by number on the BNB website, but is called “Plush Touch Advantage” (Back Be Nimble responded to a request by My Foam Mattress and provided the ILD of their memory foam: 13). Back Be Nimble says this ILD lower than Tempur-Pedic’s 15 gives the mattress a feel that is “softer” and “luxurious.” Beneath the visco memory foam is a 3” layer of latex. It has the same support core as the Traditional Nimblepedic. Since the top layer is ⅜” higher than in the Traditional model, it appears that it does not have the “air barrier” (see note above). This would allow the memory foam to breath into the latex, providing some cooling. But without positive horizontal airflow, it would not have the same degree of cooling as a Tri-Pedic mattress with the Airflow Transfer System option,


The cover fabric of both Nimblepedic models is a silk blend velour labeled as breathable and cooling.   

Warranty and Sleep Trial

Back Be Nimble offers a 60-day trial period and a 20-year limited warranty.

Country of Origin

Nimble-Pedic mattresses were originally 100% made in the United States. Now the origin of the foams is in question, depending on where the foam supplier gets its material, since so many suppliers are relying on Asian manufacturers.

Mattress Reviews

We calculate our ratings in accordance to our Verified Review Policy.

Both the Traditional and Deluxe Nimblepedic models are available only on the Back Be Nimble website. The Nimblepedic has 9 reviews, 8 by customers and one by a chiropractor. Added to the reviews is a testimonial by Dr. Brad Lustick, the founder. The date range of these reviews is from 2004 to 2008. Eight of the ratings are 5 stars, and one is rated at 4½ stars. The pros are plushness, support, and longevity.

The yacht mattress, mattress topper, and pillows by Nimblepedic are sold by WillMaxx Distributors, which does not publish customer reviews.

Besides these few actual customer reviews, there are still a few evaluations online by a customer and by bed writers.

In an undated comment on Spine-Health, a back pain patient tells about trying both a Tempur-Pedic model and a Nimbepedic mattress in a Back Be Nimble showroom in Houston, Texas. This customer stated that these two mattresses had a similar feel, but the Nimblepedic was a bit plusher. The evaluation: “No regrets with this purchase.”

On Experts 123, the “expert” writing the answer to “Does the Nimble-Pedic Mattress last like a coil spring mattress?” cites the 11 years the Nimble-Pedic mattress had been on the market at that time with very few complaints under warranty. There is no indication that the writer had personal experience with this product.

With so few reviews, we honestly cannot give a solid numerical rating for this mattress. The tentative rating is 4.9 (99%).



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