Filling Materials in Pillows

Cotton, Latex, Memory Foam

Part 1 of Pillow Materials The material in pillows includes both the cover/ticking and the filling. This article covers the fillings. Materials That Fill Pillows There is great variety of mattress fillings. The first pillows, like the first mattresses, had just about any kind of supportive and cushioning material inside…

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The Pillow – A Place to Lay Your Head

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Shredded Memory Fosm Pillow

We’ve come a long way from when anything you grabbed to put under your head when sleeping was your pillow. The arms and hands would do until they were moved. A rolled up garment was much better. Today, we have specially made pillows, which are essentially sacks filled with cushioning materials and sewn (or zipped) shut.

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