We had quite a number of requests for us to review this mattress, since an offer was sent so widely across the internet via Groupon.com.
There can be no doubt that the pricing was very low for a memory foam mattress, but Mattress Hero products like Nature’s Dream, have some definite longevity and specific warranty concerns. For instance, they do not cover “shrinkage” as long as the top can still be zipped on (presumably from the compression and rolled state the mattress comes in when it arrives), and they allow normal body impressions of up to 1½ inches.
There are some inconsistencies with what they list for this mattress on the site description and what their diagram shows, so it may be difficult to give a proper review. For instance, both diagrams show a two-layer mattress, but they list a “large comfort layer” of “a more thicker layer of memory foam” in their site description.
The Nature’s Dream mattress uses a 4-lb. memory foam with some soy replacement additives that have not yet been proven in terms of longevity but add some environmentally friendly soy, as well as the necessity for the less desirable toluene diisocyanate (TDI). Our research and experience has led us to prefer the higher quality and environmentally friendly methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI), but their memory foam is an improvement over the previous generation of TDI memory foams. The base foam they use for the mattress is not listed as highly resilient (HR) and is, therefore, less dense than the more durable HR foams used for better support and longevity.
As of mid-2016, the Mattress Hero website has been down, saying only, “Coming soon,” and their Facebook page has not been updated since 2009.