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Certifications for Mattress Ingredients

              Issues of Concern With regulatory requirements, and with increased public awareness and concern for product safety and healthfulness, sustainability of resources, social responsibility, and the environment, more attention is being paid to certifications in these areas and others. There are several governmental and non-profit agencies as well as industry and market associations providing certification for many products, including bedding and mattresses. While we at Memory Foam Mattresses.Org are concerned about the origin, healthfulness, safety and environmental impact of cover materials, treatments, and metal and wood frames, we are particularly concerned about these issues with foams, especially memory foam. What ...
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Digestive Disorders and Sleep Disturbance

The mattress is not always to blame for “That Gut Feeling” Can probiotics be part of the solution? Abstract Digestive disorders are a real threat to health. Not only do they damage the colon and the small intestine, and are a contributing factor in colon cancer, they are also a further threat to health by disturbing sleep. Medical research is discovering more about the role of probiotic micro-organisms, not only in digestion, but as part of the immune system. As such, they have the potential of improving sleep. Getting Needed Sleep It is well known that a good night’s sleep ...
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Pain in the Neck

A Real Pain We hear it from time-to-time: - “John is a pain in the neck.” - “Fixing that car is a real pain in the neck.” - “Just thinking about what I’ll face today gives me a pain in the neck.”  A pain in the neck is a rather common term in our language, used for persons, things or situations that cause or exacerbate problems. It does have roots in reality. Stressful situations cause tension. In response, our muscles tense up, including neck muscles. And neck tension is a cause of both neck aches and headaches. It doesn’t ...
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Back Pain, Mattresses, and Cushions

Most of us, if not all, have experienced back pain of some level at some time. For a large percentage of us this has been several times. Many persons suffer back pain frequently or constantly, ranging from light to very painful to severe. What causes back pain? There are many causes of pain in the back. A few of these are injuries, genetic deformities, disease, nutritional deficiencies, and postural misalignment. The last one itself has more than one cause. Postural Misalignment One leading cause of postural misalignment is poor muscle tone. Ligaments hold bones, including the vertebrae, together, and tendons ...
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25 years of Memory Foam Mattresses

A Quarter Century of Memory Foam Mattresses

2016 marks a quarter century since memory foam mattresses were introduced into the bedding market. It did not take long for this new innovation to change the mattress industry. Now specialty sleep mattresses (those without metal coils) command a large share of the market, and most of these are memory foam mattresses or have memory foam among their materials. It took much longer for metal coils to dominate mattress sales. Credit for inventing the innerspring mattress is attributed to Heinrich Westphal in 1871, but they were not produced until later. Later, Bonnell coils were developed by Louis Andrew Vargha from ...
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Memory Foam and the Boxable Beds Trend

What role does memory foam play in the current trend of boxable beds sold online and shipped by common commercial delivery services such as UPS and FedEx? What is the boxable beds trend? The current trend in the bedding industry is the manufacturing and delivery of boxable beds sold online. Also called bed-in-a-box and mattress-in-a-box, the mattresses are compressed, vacuum wrapped, rolled and put into a box for doorstep shipping. These are then sold online. For many, this is the exclusive sales venue, but several manufacturers are making them available for their retail partners, where the customer can take the ...
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