Temperature Regulation by Airflow

TempFlow is a Relief-Mart company which is branched off from Selectabed and has its own website. TempFlow is currently the highest rated brand of mattresses – all kinds, including memory foam mattresses – reviewed on Beds.org. There are nine TempFlow models. Five are 9” high, and four are 11” in height. Three key features for this brand are the Airflow Transfer System™, Biogreen® Memory Foam, and the Kool-FlowMicro-suede and Micro-Vented Knit Cover.

All of TempFlow’s models feature Selectabed’s Airflow Transfer System (ATS). This channels airflow through mattresses, both vertically and horizontally, for more efficient cooling and ventilation. This ATS is also an optional feature for some of the Selectabed models, such as the Tri-Pedic. Each model has three layers. The two comfort layers are perforated for the air to flow through vertically. The top surface of the support (base) layer has squared horizontal air channels so air can flow to and from the side of the mattress. As demonstrated in this video, ATS is more effective than relying on open-cell foam alone, or on vertical ventilation without cross flow to the sides.

TempFlow mattresses also feature Biogreen Memory Foam in the  top layer of each TempFlow model. The thickness and firmness of this layer varies by model. Biogreen is extremely low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is a product of research into making effective memory foam without residual toxins and with the fewest possible VOCs. Tested in a UL testing center to GreenGuard testing specifications, the level of VOCs in Biogreen is 00.039 mg/m3, less than 1/5  the GreenGuard Gold standard and about 1/13 the CertiPur-US and OEKO-TEX standards.

Biogreen Memory Foam logo

The second layer is Biogreen in Selene, Harmonia, Copia, and Eros. Each of the other models – Gaia, Essence, Flexia, Celestia, Opulence – has a variety of polyurethane foam (Polyflex, SD Firm-Flex, Flex-Comfort, Comfort Flex, SD Comfort Flex) in this layer. It is usually firmer than the top layer, a pattern used in the Tri-Pedic by Selectabed.

Each TempFlow mattress is covered with KoolFlow, a knit fabric with micro-vents for better airflow. This is part of the Air Transfer System, allowing air to flow through the mattress cover on both the top pane and the sides. The fiber is “micro-suede,” – polyester microfiber with a nap – while the KoolFlow cover on the newer Snuggle-Pedic mattress is made of bamboo rayon.