Green washing is getting popular these days, including claims of “soy-based foam” being environmentally friendly. So it is worth mentioning that in the case of the Futon Shop’s former Natural Organic Soy mattress (and other of their soy foam products) there is no such thing! For more on this, see our article “What About Organic or Green Memory Foam?”
The Futon Shop does state that their Bio-Foam is partly soy oil. It is true that a very small percentage of soy has been added to certain memory foams, but this amounts to less than 10%, and even that amount currently distorts the memory foam feel. We hope in the future that this may become a reality, but for the present time it is not, and we want consumers to be aware of the real truth behind this new trend.
With that said, the mattress they offered was a coil/fiber filled/memory foam combination. It did have an organic cotton cover. Current Futon Shop models with soy memory foam are Natural Rest, Divine Ice, Soft Viscose, Theta Celliant Performance, Delta Celliant Performance, and Lucid Snow. As already mentioned, the memory foam has very little soy, but it may be a better Futon alternative than the usual Futon mattress compositions. However, keep in mind that any well-layered memory foam mattress with a firm enough base can be placed on a Futon.