Sleep Number Mattress Review 2018 2019 Update


Sleep Number Mattress Review: 2018 Update


Since the revision of our Sleep Number Mattress review in 2016, the company has revised its product portfolio. Like several other bed and mattress manufacturers, Select Comfort has discontinued and de-listed under-performing legacy models, keeping only those with the best customer response. The primary advantage of this is in giving more visibility to the better-selling products.


2016 Listings

In mid-2016, Sleep Number had four mattress collections – Classic Series, Memory Foam Series, Performance Series, and Innovation Series – plus the x12, Sleep IQ Kids, and Beds for QVC (Icon Bed Set, Memory Foam Bed Set, QSeries 6.1). Sleep Number series were identified in the model names:

  • Classic Series: c2, c3, c4, cSE
  • Memory Foam Series: m6, m7, m9
  • Performance Series: p5, p6
  • Innovation Series: i8, i10, iLE
  • x12

These models are alike in having the same air support system with separately controlled pressurized air chambers for each sleeper. Where they differ is in the comfort layers. For instance, those in the Classic Series have minimal-to-little padding, while the comfort layers of those in the Memory Foam Series have memory foam, and those in the Performance Series have polyurethane foam. In addition to Memory Foam Series models, a few others have (or had) memory foam. The i10 and the iLE had reversible pillow tops with memory foam on one side and support level polyfoam on the other. Flipping this pillow top simply selects whether memory foam will be the top or second layer.


2018 Listings

As of January 2018, the models listed on Sleep Number are –

  • Standard Beds (our term): c2, c4, p5, i8, iLE;
  • 360 Smart Beds: p6, i7, i10;
  • SleepIQ Kids™: k1 and k2;
  • it Bed.

Sleep Number beds are no longer listed by their pre-existing series. The Standard Beds are now as they have been. Judging by customer ratings and remarks on several sites, they are still in the lineup “by popular demand.”

SleepIQ is an option for these beds. Sleep Number says, “The Sleep Number® bed with SleepIQ® technology inside tracks how well you sleep each night, giving you personal insights into your sleep.” It advises the user on the best Sleep Number setting and the best sleeping hours. It can also connect to other apps for health for making the best sleep decisions.

The 360 Smart Beds are touted as New Arrivals, but two of them (p6 and i10) have been listed for at least a couple of years. However, the ones currently listed are newer versions of those models. The current p6 has similar construction to the former one, but the i10 is two inches lower. What is new in them and the new model is the Smart Bed technology, which (according to Sleep Number), “Senses your movements then automatically adjusts firmness, comfort and support to keep you both sleeping blissfully, all night long.” This applies a technology to adjustable airbeds which has been advancing in adjustable bases for the past few years.

The Memory Foam Series and its models are no longer listed, but the new i7 seems to be an upgraded m7 incoprporating the smart bed technology. It is now the only one listed on Sleep Number with memory foam. The 360 version of the i10 does not have memory foam and is now 13” instead of 15” high.

The i10 Legacy sold on QVC is same as the previous version. The QSeries 5.1 is midway in height between the original p6 and the p5 and like them in composition.



The cost of Sleep Number beds ranges from $299.99 for c2 Twin to $5,199.98 for iLE FlexTop King. There are also prices for bases (modular or adjustable), as well as adding the SleepIQ option to a Standard model.


Sleep Number has a 25-year warranty on its beds. Only the first two years have full coverage. After this, coverage is prorated and dependent on the covered components.


Customer Ratings

Sleep Number beds are not sold on Amazon, so there are no ratings on that site to consider. However, there are reviews on other sites, including the company’s site.

We calculate our ratings in accordance to our Verified Review Policy.


Reviews of Sleep Number stores on Yelp, which are mostly focused on the stores themselves and customer service in general, also have customer remarks about the beds. Out of 245 Yelp reviews (from the most reviewed locations), 29 of them rate their mattresses. Rated models include 5000, 7000, c2, i8, m7, p5, p6, and x12. Six of them did not identify the model.

On Yelp, the aggregate customer rating for 23 Sleep Number Stores is 2.73 of 5 Stars (54.61%). For the beds, it is higher: 3.93 (78.62%).

Verified customers have posted 16 reviews of Sleep Number beds on Beds.Org. Twelve of these are for the Classic Series, and one each for four models. The most recent review was before Memorial Day 2015, but overall they give a glimpse of customer views.

The four models rated individually are c2, c4, cSE, and i8. The c4 received a 3-Star review, and each of the others received 5 stars. However, one review each is far from a representative sample. The average customer rating of the Sleep Number Classic Series is 3.58 Stars (71.67%). Adding the reviews of the four models brings the average rating to 3.81 (76.25%).


QVC has been for decades a marketplace channel on television, selling all kinds of items. Now they have a website showcasing their merchandise. This includes select models of Sleep Number beds, some of which may be made for QVC. The current models available on the channel have a total of only 10 reviews, not surprising if these are closeouts or limited production. However, since QVC is a retail site, its customers do provide a hint of customer response. With such a small sample, we’ll use fewer decimal points, and it carries little weight in our aggregate rating. The overall rating of Sleep Number beds on QVC is 3½ Stars (70%).


GoodBed has been a site where many consumers went to see customer reviews of mattresses, toppers, and adjustable beds. However, the site has not been up-to-date and does not have very many recent reviews. It does have reviews of several Sleep Number beds. They are organized by collections (series).

One curious note is that the percentage of owners recommending beds, including Sleep Number beds, is consistently higher than the average ratings for these beds. Apparently more owners simply say they would or would not recommend a bed rather than give a numerical rating.

Customers rating a bed on GoodBed can also rate it for Back Support, Pressure Relief, Sleep Quality, Stays “Cool”, Value, and Warranty Service. Owners usually rate a mattress higher on these questions than their overall rating of the mattress itself. This can be seen in individual reviews. However, not all owners who rate their mattresses answer these questions.

There are 219 ratings of Sleep Number mattresses on GoodBed with an aggregate rating of 2.6 stars (52%). By contrast, 81% of the owners of Sleep Number beds recommend buying them. And the composite rating of the mattress qualities is 60⅓% (3.02 Stars), which appears to be the most reliable rating.

Sleep Like the Dead

The review site, Sleep Like the Dead (STLD) updated its evaluation of Sleep Number (SN) beds on July 15, 2017, after the introduction of the i7 Bed, but while SN still listed their mattresses by series before the latest re-structuring. Apparently this was after discontinuing the x12. Their “Bed Ratings Overview” of the SN models does not include the SleepIQ for Kids series, but this is a low volume collection with too small a sample size for SLTD..

STLD’s company rating for Sleep Number is C+, the equivalent of 2.78/5 stars (55.6%).

The STLD “Bed Ratings Overview” gives letter grades from D to A for owners’ opinions in 23 categories, beginning with Owner Satisfaction. Converting the letter grades to points on a 5-star scale equals an average rating of 2.68 (53.52%) for the Classic Series, 2.58 (51.60%) for the Performance Series, and 2.54 (50.83%) for the Innovation Series. Weighting these results with each series’ sample size yields an aggregate average rating for the three series of 2.59 (51.90%).

Sleep Number

Not surprisingly, the largest number of Sleep Number reviews (4,215) is on their own site. Also not unexpectedly, c2 has the largest number of reviews, 1,019, followed by p5 (876), i8 (871), iLE (549), and c4 (515). The fewest number of reviews are for the two SleepIQ for Kids models. Also getting low numbers of reviews are the two newest models, the it Bed and the i7. There are no reviews of the m5 and m6 because they are no longer listed.

The average verified customer review rating of Sleep Number beds on the Sleep Number site is 4.37 (87.35%). For each model, the highest number of ratings are 5 Stars, followed by 4. For most of the models, the third most numerous rating is 1 Star. This pattern indicates that these are representative reviews, with negative reviews not filtered out. However, the higher average ratings seems to indicate that other review sites, such as Yelp and GoodBed, attract customers with negative reviews who may (for whatever reason) be hesitant to post their reviews on the manufacturer’s website.


Ratings Summary

For this review, customer ratings have been weighted, giving more weight to non-retail independent review sources and less to those with a self-interest, such as the producer of the products.  The weighted aggregate rating for Sleep Number beds is 3.43 (68.7%).

Aggregate Ratings for Sleep Number

Website Weight Number of Ratings Weighted Number of Ratings Average Rating Total Weighted Star Points
Yelp 25.00% 29 7.25 3.93 28.49
GoodBed 12.00% 219 26.28 3.02 79.37
Sleep Number 9.00% 4,215 379.35 4.37 1657.76
QVC 8.00% 10 0.80 3.50 2.80 25.00% 16 4.00 3.81 15.24
Sleep Like The Dead 25.00% 1,652 413.00 2.59 1069.67
Totals 104.00% 6,141 830.68 2853.33
Weighted Aggregate Average Rating 3.43
Weighted Aggregate Percentage 68.7%


Pros and Cons

Remarks made by customers in their reviews highlight the pros and cons of Sleep Number beds.


Several reviewers specially preferred Classic Series models, which have minimal-to-little padding, after using higher level models. Most of these favored medium firm to firm support. Overall, sleep numbers 60 and over are more satisfactory than lower numbers, though several sleepers like 40.

Many users liked the SleepIQ in the higher-end beds.

Several users liked the memory foam, which was ventilated for cooling.


A common complaint is that with lower sleep numbers the air chambers in Sleep Number beds tend to hammock (sag in the middle while lifting the head and feet). This contrasts with air beds (such as Air-Pedic and Boyd Air Beds models) that have separate chambers for the middle section.

Another complaint is how easy it is to tear the mattress or otherwise damage the product (including adjustable bases) since the buyer has to assemble the bed after delivery.

Several customers complained that the foam failed.

By far, most of the complaints were about the inconvenience and expense of returns and warranty claims. These included long times for delivery of replacement parts, especially pumps and remotes, as well as prorating the 25-year warranty after the first two years

The SleepIQ system received several complaints. Sleep Number itself admitted that there were initial problems in implementing this technology, which monitors sleeper movements and recommends settings and sleep times. The problem was inaccurate readings on the handsets.


Sleep Number

$299.99 - $5,199.98



Sleep Like the Dead





Sleep Number



  • Adjustable Support
  • SleepIQ recommendations
  • Memory Foam (on eds that have it)
  • Separate adjustment for two sleepers


  • Feel the middle on dual comfort beds
  • Noise
  • Hammocking: sagging in the middle
  • Pump failure
  • Warranty (prorated after 2 years)
  • Long time for replacement parts