Mattress Hero Review and Ratings

[Review Updated 2018]

A number of years ago, we had quite a number of requests for us to review the Mattress Hero mattress, since an offer was sent so widely across the internet via  There can be no doubt that the pricing was very low for a memory foam mattress, but Mattress Hero products like Nature’s Dream, had some definite longevity and specific warranty concerns.  For instance, Mattress Hero, LLC, did not cover “shrinkage” so long as the top could still be zipped on (presumably from the compression and rolled state the mattress came in when it arrived), and normal body impressions of up to 1½ inches were allowed.

There were some inconsistencies with what they listed for this mattress on the site description and what their diagram showed, so it was difficult to give a proper review.  For instance, both diagrams showed a two-layer mattress, but they listed a “large comfort layer” of “a more thicker layer of memory foam” in their description on their site.

The Nature’s Dream mattress used a 4-lb. memory foam with some soy replacement additives that had not yet been proven in terms of longevity, but added some environmentally friendly soy, as well as the necessity for the less desirable  toluene diisocyanate (TDI).  Our research and experience has led us to prefer the higher quality and more environmentally friendly methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI), but their memory foam was an improvement over the previous generation of TDI memory foams.  The base foam they used for the mattress was not listed as a high resilient (HR) foam, and therefore was less dense than the more durable HR foams used for better support and longevity.

Presumably, Mattress Hero mattresses were made in the USA. The firm is listed among mattress manufacturers on USAmade. However, the companies asked to be listed there. Also, the information appears to not be up-to-date, since the copyright notice is from 1997 to 2012.

Since at least late 2016, the Mattress Hero website,, has had only one page, displaying their logo with the notice, “Coming Soon.” The last entry on their Facebook page was posted in mid-2009. It was an album of 18 available products: 15 mattresses and three adjustable bases.


Mattress Hero #1Mattress Hero #2Mattress hero #3 Mattress Hero #4


Mattress Hero was a brand of Park Place Corporation (PPC) in Greenville, South Carolina. Apparently, PPC is holding the website and the Facebook page to keep the trademark active, perhaps for future re-use.

PPC, started in 1931, is owned and operated by the Orders family. Among their brands are Christeli Mattresses and Ergomotion Adjustable Bases, and the Park Place Collections of mattresses (American ComfortAmerican HomeLegacyNature’s DreamHospitality, and Cool Therapy). They also are licensed to manufacture and distribute King Koil mattresses (Laura Ashley, Extended Life, Natural Response, World Luxury, iMattress) in several Southern states.