United States Certified Beds

United States Certified Beds

We strongly feel that the United States has the highest standards for quality and therefore want to direct consumers to manufacturers and companies that carry mattresses that are 100% made in the United States, including the foam within the mattress.  If you are a company that can show us verification that your mattresses are made in the U.S., email us at DrSwartzburg@gmail.com and we will list your site.

Here are some manufacturers that have 100% USA-made mattresses:

Selectabed – A part of the Relief-Martcorporation of California.  All of Selectabed’s mattresses use 100% U.S.A. produced memory foam.

The Sleep Fit Quilted Mattress from Go Mattress – While Go Mattress LLC of New York used foam that was imported from China for their standard memory foam mattress, they did use 100% U.S.A. produced foam for their Sleep Fit quilted memory foam mattress. This is no longer available since Go Mattress ceased operations in 2016.

TEMPUR-Pedic® is the original maker of memory foam mattresses. At first, they used foam made in their own plants in Sweden and Denmark, good quality foam (TEMPUR-Pedic began as a Swedish company). Now the foam in their mattresses sold in North America is made in the USA in their own facilities. Again, this is top quality foam.

BedInABox – This is the American originator of boxed mattress technology (Magniflex of Italy was the first in Europe). It has always used foams made in the United States.

Brooklyn Bedding in Phoenix uses foams made in California, U.S.A. in their mattresses. They make and sell the in-store and online Signature (#BestMattressEver), Aurora, and Bowery, and the online-only Dreamfoam mattresses.

Startups – A number of the recent online-only, mattress-in-a-box, startup companies (founded in or after 2012) use foams made in the U.S.A. The most widely-known ones are Tuft & Needle, Casper Sleep, and Loom & Leaf by Saatva. Among the newer companies is Level Sleep, now owned by DreamCloud, which started Nectar Sleep. Nectar and DreamCloud mattresses are currently being made in China, but they are in the process of moving production to the United States.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers of memory foam beds who used to use only USA-made foam are now using foams made in China or Southeast Asia instead of in the United States.

Beware of Cheap imitations!
Unfortunately, not all foam is created equal.  Many companies will put together the mattress in the U.S., but buy the foam overseas to save money.  With overseas foam, we cannot be sure of the quality or the composition, so we are very wary of recommending mattresses that use memory foam not produced in the United States, with the exception of Tempur-Pedic, who has the only high-quality Swedish manufacturing facility we know of.  The rest of the overseas foam makers produce memory foam that seems to flatten out with compression, even though it may feel comfortable upon the first feel.  Therefore, the memory foam made overseas may not last as long, be as safe to sleep on, and offer enough support.  Unfortunately, many companies state their beds are made in the U.S. because the mattress is put together in the U.S., even though they do not use U.S. produced foam. For a list of companies that have produced documentation verifying that their memory foam mattresses are 100% produced in the U.S., click here.

Our memory foam mattress review page will give you a list of memory foam mattress companies to help provide a better understanding of the marketplace.

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