Biogreen Lab Test Summary

Released by Air Quality Sciences, Inc.
DatePrepared: March 15, 2013
AQS Project #:       17667
AQS Report #:       17667-03
02013 Air Quality Sciences, Inc.



Project Description

Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (AQS) is pleased to present the results of its indoor air quality (IAQ) evaluation of a bedding product identified as Biogreen Memory Foam as submitted by Relief-Mart, Inc. AQS conducted this study using a GREENGUARD product evaluation test protocol (1) following the requirements of The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute’s (GEl) Product Certification Program, ASTM Standard D 5116, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) (2-4). Testing of the product was conducted using standard environmental chamber operating conditions as presented in Table 1. The foam was delivered to AQS by the manufacturer as presented in the Chain of Custody description in Appendix 1.

The foam was monitored for emissions of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), formaldehyde, total aldehydes, and other individual volatile organic compounds (IV005) over a 168 hour exposure period and phthalates at the 192 hour exposure hour point. These emissions were measured and the resultant air concentrations were determined for each of the potential pollutants. Air concentration predictions were computer modeled based on the GEl Requirements, which include a standard room loading and EPA ventilation conditions (5). Product loading is based on a standard bedding usage (2.6 m2) in a 34.9 m3 bedroom. Results were compared to current emission levels as required by the GREENGUARD IAQ standard (6). Results for the GREENGUARD Children & Schools certification programs are included as Appendix 4.



The foam identified as Biogreen Memory Foam and matching the product description in Appendix 1, qualifies as low-emitting.

& Schools
Acceptable IAQ Criteria

168 Hour

for IAQ


≤ 0,22 mg/m³

0.039 mg/m³



≤ 5 0.0073 ppm

0.001 ppm


Total Aldehydes

≤ 0.043 ppm

0.001 ppm



≤ 0.16 mg/m³

< 0.001 mg/m³


Individual VOCs≤ 1/100 TLV and
≤ ½ chronic REL

See Below


Total Phthalates

≤ 0.01 mg/m³

< 0.01 mg/m³


ᵃ “TVOC” is the sum of all VOCs measured via TD/GC/M5 which elute between n-hexane (C₆) and n-hexadecane ((C₁₆) quantified using calibration to a toluene surrogate.

ᵇ “Total Aldehydes” is the sum of all measured normal aldehydes from formaldehyde to nonanal, plus benzaldehyde. Heptanal through nonanal are analyzed using TD/GC/MS. The remaining aldehydes are analyzed using HPL/UV methodology. All aldehydes are quantified to authentic standards.

ᶜ All individual VOCs detected met the criteria of less than 1/10 the ACGIH established threshold limit values (TLVs) (ref. 17).

Summary of Biogreen testing by AQS/UL