The Transformation Begins
with TEMPUR-Adapt

As TEMPUR-Pedic revises
its memory foam mattress portfolio.

Tempur-Adapt Mattress

The First Step

At the Las Vegas 2018 Winter Market of the Home Furnishings Association, the original memory foam mattress company, TEMPUR-Pedic introduced the total upgrading of its product line. In four major steps, practically all the collections and models listed in 2017 will have been replaced by four series by Spring 2019.

With everything else changed, one older model will remain: GrandBed. As of this time, no changes to this classic mattress have been revealed.

The basis for classifying TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses has been revised. This is revealed by which models in the former collections the new mattress series are replacing. Now each series will be at the same level as to height and sophistication. For example, instead of having the hybrid mattresses together in the TEMPUR-Flex Collection, they will be in different series.

The First New Series

The first step of the TEMPUR-Pedic transformation is the TEMPUR-Adapt Series. This is the new entry-level series. Its two models replace the entry-level models in two of the three outgoing collections, both named Prima.  The firmness level for either is classified as Medium. On US-Mattress, the firmness of the Adapt Medium is measured as 4.5 on a scale of 10 (with 10 the softest), and the Adapt Medium Hybrid at 5.5, a tad softer.

The product revisions coincide with the introduction of TEMPUR-Pedic’s latest materials technology. However, the new TEMPURAPR is not in the first of these new series, but in the others.

Mattress Construction

The two TEMPUR-Adapt models have the same construction in the upper layers and the cover, but differ in the base layers. They are both 11” high.

Tempur-Adapt Medium Tempur-Adapt Medium Hybrid


TEMPUR-Pedic calls this cover the Cooltotouch Cover. The fibers in this knit fabric are selected for moisture wicking, and the knitting pattern is to enhance breathability, moisture control and conforming stretchiness. It is not as advanced as the dual covers in the following series, since these are the entry level models with lower price points.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layer of the TEMPUR-Adapt mattresses is about 1½” of TEMPURES® Material (TEMPUR-Pedic does not call this memory foam, claiming theirs is closer to the NASA material from which Tempur Foam was developed).

TEMPURES is the 4-lb/ft³ foam which TEMPUR-Pedic began using to give their memory foam mattresses quicker response when still cool, with the original 5-lb, foam underneath for deep conformity. This was after Dr. Rick Swartzburg (a chiropractor) pioneered the concept with the Tri-Pedic mattress.

Having the 4-lb, Tempur Foam on top also reduces mattress heat, since the lighter foam is less heat sensitive and absorbs less heat than the original material. This, however, works better with airflow to conduct heat out of the mattress, as in Tempflow mattresses, which use the patented Airflow Transfer System.

Support Layer

The support layer in TEMPUR-Adapt mattresses is approximately 1½” of the original 5-lb. Tempur Material. It provides more support to the softer comfort foam above. However, since the denser visco-elastic material is more heat sensitive, as it absorbs body heat transferred through the 4-lb. foam, it softens where warmer, letting the sleeper sink in. Therefore, to keep the sleeper from bottoming out, more support is needed underneath.

Base Layer(s)

It is the base layers which separate the TEMPUR-Adapt Medium from the TEMPUR-Adapt Medium Hybrid.

TEMPUR-Adapt Medium

The TEMPUR-Adapt Medium replaces the TEMPUR-Cloud Prima. The base in this model is 8” of high-density polyurethane foam, divided into two layers. In the diagram, the lower layer appears to be somewhat thicker. The company does not indicate whether these are the same density, but 1.8-lb/ft³ is the standard density for base foam, though some manufacturers have a denser foam in one or more models.

TEMPUR-Adapt Medium Hybrid
The TEMPUR-Adapt Medium Hybrid replaces the TEMPUR-Flex Prima. The base support core is an array of over 1,000 wrapped pocket coils – the actual coil count depends on the mattress size. A ring of HD foam encircles the coil array, holding them in place. Underneath is a 2” HD foam base pad to provide solid support to the coils, therefore the entire mattress.


According to industry news articles based on TEMPUR-Pedic’s press release and interviews with Tempur-Sealy corporate officials, the new series are intended to reduce customer confusion when shopping for a TEMPUR-Pedic mattress. With each of the first three series at a certain price level, shoppers can make their selection from among choices within the same price range. Evidently, many customers had to jump from one collection to another to compare mattresses. This seems to meet that goal.

On the other hand, the series to be introduced and launched in 2019 will be mattresses with TEMPUR-Pedic’s Breeze technology. These will be grouped not by a price level, but by a key feature. However, this will make it more convenient for shoppers looking or cooler memory foam mattresses.

Customer Response

Mattress Reviews We calculate our ratings in accordance with our Verified Review Policy.

Both on Amazon and on the TEMPUR-Pedic site, the reviews for TEMPUR-Adapt Medium and TEMPUR-Adapt Medium Hybrid are counted together. However, on T-P, each review is labeled with the model reviewed.

Thumb up or downSince these models are so new, there are not many reviews – 78 on T-P, 10 on Amazon, none yet on US-Mattress. The greater number of reviews on TEMPUR-Pedic’s site can be accounted for by Amazon not being the only outlet for these mattresses, which are also sold through other online retailers and in stores, as well as directly from the manufacturer.

These early reviews tell us very little about durability, since none of these have yet been used for an entire year, let alone the three to five needed to see how well they hold up with use.

That said, the initial response has been favorable. On Amazon, the average customer rating is 4.4 of 5 stars (88%), and on T-P (managed by PowerReviews, Inc), it is 4.5 (90%). The weighted aggregate average rating is 4.49 (89.8%).

Which model has the better customer response: Medium or Medium Hybrid? Sorting out and averaging the PowerReviews ratings for the two indicates the one probably with the greater sales and the one with the better customer response. The Adapt Medium has 46 reviews with an average rating of 4.78 (95.7%). Adapt Medium Hybrid has 32 reviews with an average rating of 4.09 (81.9%). The numbers of reviews are close, but indicate more all-foam mattresses sold. Also, it appears the all-foam model, with only one rating less than 4 stars, has a much better response then the hybrid, which has 19 ratings less than 4 stars. A year from now, after longer use, we’ll see whether this ratio has changed. There may also be memory foam mattress comparisons with models by other manufacturers.


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