Verified Review Policy aims to be the premiere site for quality memory foam mattress reviews by only using verified 3rd party customer reviews from Amazon, Yelp, and to give consumers the most unbiased ratings that have been thoroughly monitored by these companies to filter out potential tampering with those reviews.

We will then average these to give a rating that is free of our own potential bias, especially since we will be monetizing this site through commissions on any mattresses that you purchase on Amazon and the actual manufacturer sites.  We will, however, give an expert perspective about each mattress along the way that we feel is relevant to helping you understand the difference between the various brands and the different models within those brands, so that you can really understand the advantages and disadvantages of product we review.


Our Site Editor

Our site editor, Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C., will use his industry knowledge to work with our site content writers whenever possible.  While he shares a financial interest in Relief-Mart, Inc. products, he will bring an industry perspective, and we will always disclose which products he helped develop for Relief-Mart, Inc., so we can be as fully transparent as possible.