Soft-Pedic Mattress

The Latex Mattress Designed for Side Sleepers


The 11”-high Soft-Pedic mattress is designed for side sleepers, who need more give beneath the shoulders to keep the spine in line (they also need a higher pillow for the neck). It has also been recommended for those with bursitis, tendonitis, and arthritis. Like the Fibro-Pedic, it is a memory foam/latex hybrid.


Mattress Construction

The Soft-Pedic is two inches higher than the Fibro-Pedic. It has four layers instead of three, two of memory foam and one of latex.


Soft Pedic Mattress by Selectabed Relief-Mart


Kool Flow Cover

The Soft-Pedic is covered by Selectabed’s Kool-Flow material which has knitted-in micro-vents. It is made with a blend of bamboo rayon, polyester, and lycra.

Top Foam Memory Foam Comfort Layer

As in the Fibro-Pedic, the top layer is 4-lb. memory foam, but this layer is only 2” high. This provides a quick initial response and also allows the shoulder to sink in. It is also cooler than 5-lb. memory foam.

Second memory Foam Comfort Layer

The next layer is also 2” of memory foam, but here it has a 5-lb. density. This denser foam is more heat-sensitive, which means it is more conforming (has more “memory”). This is important to side sleepers since it supports the lumbar for better spinal alignment.

Tri-zoned Latex Support Layer

The support layer in the Soft-Pedic is the same as in the Fibro-Pedic. It is 3” of tri-zoned latex foam. The middle section is firmer than the end zones. This is to give more support to the heavier mid-section of the body to keep the spine aligned. As can be seen in the image, this is especially important for side sleepers.


Tri-Zoned Latex Support Layer


Support Base Layer

The support core in the Soft-Pedic has the same very firm HR polyurethane foam as in the Fibro-Pedic. However, it is 4” high.


The Airflow Option

The patented Airflow Transfer System (ATS), which is shown in demonstrations to have many times the effective airflow than most competing mattress ventilation systems, is an option for the Soft-Pedic. This was designed to relieve a mattress of the heat which can build up with memory foam. Besides cooling, it controls the internal humidity of the mattress to combat mold and bacteria. See a demonstration in this video.



The air enters and exits the mattress through the Kool-Flow cover (see above). In the mattress, it passes vertically through pores in the upper layers and horizontally through channel cut into the top surface of the support base.


Customer Response

We calculate our ratings in accordance with our Verified Review Policy.

Due to its limited distribution and its specialization, there are few customer reviews of the Soft-Pedic online. Two of the Selectabed reviews on Reseller Ratings are for the Soft-Pedic. Both award it with 5 stars. Additionally, among testimonials, a user said he “felt immediate pressure reduction on my hips and was able to sleep better than ever!”

Marketing, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

The Soft-Pedic mattress is sold only by Selectabed online and at its showroom/store in Agoura Hills, CA. It is built-to-order, therefore it can be customized to meet the individual needs of the customer.

The warranty on the Soft-Pedic is for 20 years, twice the 10 years now standard for most mattress brands. The sleep trial is for 120 nights. During this time the mattress can be adjusted to be more suitable for the users.
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