Olee Sleep is a mattress brand of Grantec International with US offices in Carlstadt, New Jersey. There is not much information about the company itself other than its US address and telephone number, email address, and website URL. They also claim “34 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing.”

There are several product categories under the Olee Sleep brand: Memory Foam Mattress, Spring Mattress, Toppers, Platform Bed Frame, Bed Frame, and Pillows, and they are all made in China. The largest category is Platform Bed Frames with 8 models, followed by Memory Foam Mattress and Bed Frame (7 each) and Spring Mattress (5). The mattresses range from 6” to 13” in height. All of them are made in China.

The product descriptions themselves appear to also have been made in China. Word choice and trouble with plurals and singulars give them a foreign feel. This is not just a matter of style. The descriptions are unclear on several points, and some seem contradictory.

For instance, the two 10” models of Memory Foam Mattress[es] name three 1” layers without mentioning a fourth layer which seems to be in the cutaway views. Fortunately, the listings of most of the mattresses have cutaway views, but only some of those for Spring Mattress[es] have legends.

Cutaway view of 10" Olee Sleep memory foam mattress

Cutaway view of Olee Sleep Euro Box Top Hybrid mattress Cutaway view of Olee Sleep Pegasus Hybrid Mattress

Then there seems to be confusion about using “deflect” and “defect.” “Defection” is used in a sentence where we expect “deflection” to be used. Since later on “defect” is used instead of “deflect” this does not appear to be a typo, but a poor understanding of English.

When the density and firmness of foams are listed, it is only the ILD. Most US foam mattress manufacturers list the density of foam in pounds per cubic foot (lbs/ft3). This makes it more challenging for a shopper to compare these foams with those in other brands.

One curious note in the descriptions is the way the memory foam is sometimes described – “Non Temperature Sensitive Foam” and “temperature insensitive foam.” Familiarity with properties of memory foam leads us to believe that this is low density for memory foam, such as 3 lbs. or less. Some descriptions call their memory foam “latex like,” indicating the same thing. This would mean less durability than the 4-lb. memory foam in the top layers of the Tri-Pedic Mattress and Tempur-Pedic’s Tempur-Cloud models.

A few Olee Sleep models have ventilated foam. The ventilation of upper memory foam layers is intended to cool the mattress and keep it fresh. All of their memory foam mattresses have a lower layer of convoluted foam to foster air flow. The principle is the same as that of the Airflow Transfer System by Selectabed, which couples vertical ventilation of foams with channel cuts to vent air horizontally.

Other than these models, most cite gel infusion as the cooling factor. Although gel does offer initial cooling, it does have its limitations. It can absorb only so much heat before it becomes warm itself.

Olee Sleep products are sold only through Amazon. Every product description on the manufacturer’s page has a “Buy on Amazon” button.

Since Olee Sleep mattresses are made in China, there are questions about the quality of the foams, especially the memory foam. This seems to be reflected in the reviews on Amazon. The most reviewed models garner only 4.4 stars out of 5, far below the best reviewed mattresses on Amazon. The most common complaint is “too soft.” Better would be mattresses made in America.