Quatro Sleep Mattress Review


Quatro Sleep is a registered trademark of Market Web Galvanized, LLC, an Internet marketing firm which markets several kinds of products online under several brand names. The corporation is registered in Florida; its mailing address is in Walnut, California; and the principal of the company is William McCracken of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The MWG corporation was registered in 2015, and the Quatro Sleep trademark in 2017.  The Quatro Sleep brand includes mattresses, adjustable beds, and pillow cases.

Mattress Construction

The Quatro Sleep mattress is a triple-layered memory foam mattress. The top layer is 1” of 1.8-lb. Plex-Air Memory Foam. The second layer is 2” of 1.5-lb. Support Foam (polyurethane). The third layer is a 7” “Support Case” (high-density polyurethane support foam). Several reviewers compare it with the Tuft & Needle mattress.

This is an echo of the three-layer construction of the Tri-Pedic Mattress by Selectabed, but with important differences. (1) The top layer in the Tri-Pedic is 4-lb. memory foam, more than twice as dense. (2) The second Tri-Pedic layer is 5-lb. memory foam (not as firm as 1.8-lb. polyurethane), firmer than the top foam yet with more memory for pressure relief.

The removable, washable zippered cover is a polyester-cotton blend.

Manufacturing Source

Since MWG is basically a marketing firm, it is safe to assume that their products are made by contract manufacturers. The top foam is a clue to the source. It is called Plex-Air Memory Foam. Three current models of Blissful Nights mattresses (8” Daisy, 10” Rose, 12” Lilac) have top layers of Plex-Air Foam (or Plex-Air memory foam), which has the same density (1.8 lbs.) as the top layer of the Quatro Sleep (QS) model. In the cutaway diagrams of the 10 “ models (QS and Rose), the colors of the layers are the same.

Blissful Nights is a brand of South Bay International, which is also a private label manufacturer. This apparently indicates that South Bay is the source of the Quatro Sleep Mattress. Both are made in China. What is interesting is that these three Blissful Nights models became available April 21, 2017, months after the appearance of the Quatro Sleep.



The Quatro Sleep Mattress is described by independent reviewers, such as Hack to Sleep and Memory Foam Doctor, as being a bit soft for many users. That can be seen in the low density memory foam at the top. For polyurethane foam in a support core, 1.8 lbs. is very firm, but for memory foam this is a very low density. While this may initially feel very good for some users, it does put a question mark on the longevity of this mattress. Memory foam experts generally recommend a memory foam density of 3.5 lbs/ft3 or more, preferably 4.0 to 5.0, certainly not less than 3.0 lbs.

To their credit, the designers of the Quatro Sleep Mattress put polyurethane support foam in the second layer to keep the lighter memory foam from bottoming out. The three new Blissful Nights models have the same density at the top, but the second layer in the Rose and the Lilac is 2.5-lb. memory foam. This is not as light as the top foam, but it is still light for memory foam, which brings their durability even more into question.

The density of the base support layer is not disclosed for either brand.

Sales and Delivery

The Quatro Sleep Mattress is available only on Amazon, though some used and new mattresses are sold on Pinterest and eBay. This is a mattress-in-a-box product, as are the vast majority of new mattress offerings. It is compressed, sealed, rolled and packed into a box for shipping and delivery by FedEx or UPS.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

The return period (sleep trial) for the Quatro Sleep Mattress is 100 nights. At this time, no warranty information is available, an omission noted by reviewers.


Reviews and Ratings

Independent reviewers took note of the high rating of reviewers on Amazon in the final ratings of the Quatro Sleep Mattress, and Super Comfy Sleep listed it a #4 in the top ten memory foam mattresses under $1,000 based largely on these ratings. Out of 136 customer reviews, 12 were 4 stars, 3 were 1 star, and the rest were 5 stars, leaving this model with a very high 4.8 average rating.

This all sounds good. However, Fakespot, a site that analyzes ratings by comparing reviews with each other, said, “… the average rounded percentage of unreliable reviews found by the analysis engine is 60.0%.”  In their evaluation, they said a number of the customer profiles of reviewers appeared “to be generated by automation” and pointed out suspicious commonality in the wording of the reviews.


Whether the reviews are genuine or not remains to be seen over time. However, the future of this mattress model is in question, since the Amazon listing now only has the reviews, and at this time the Quatro Sleep website is unavailable with the web server down.