Natural Rubber latex Vytex NRL

What is Vytex?

Natural Rubber Latex

As mentioned on their website, Vytex is a revolutionary plant-based raw material sustainably harvested from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. It is then treated with a non-toxic multi-patented process to virtually eliminate all of the antigenic problem-causing proteins that can result in an allergic reaction to natural rubber latex without the use of harmful chemicals typically found in non-latex alternatives.

This makes Vytex the cleanest rubber product on the market. Vytex can easily be used as a source material for end product applications wherever Natural Rubber Latex, synthetic latex blends, nitrile, and petroleum-based products are used. Vytex is free of petroleum, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), harsh chemical and filler agents.

Vytex is a Natural Plant Based Product

Natural rubber latex is a natural and renewable resource with the typical tree producing raw Vytex materials for up to 30 years. Vytex is biodegradable and when submitted to the elements Vytex will return to nature degrading much in the same way an oak leaf will.

Latex Allergies

Since so many people are allergic to one or more of the proteins in natural rubber latex (NRL), certain business segments avoid using these latex products so they do not expose employees with latex allergies. For example, in many industries (such as health care and food service) vinyl has replaced latex in disposable gloves. Most of the latex allergens are removed by washing and/or rinsing in the process of making latex foam, but they remain in many other applications.

In 2001, chemical engineer and entrepreneur Travis Honeycutt founded Vystar Corporation. with the mission of producing liquid NRL with virtually no allergens. Vystar scientists and engineers worked on research and development. They had a product in 2007, and worked on manufacturing and distribution by licensing producers. In 2016, Vystar was able to announce the global availability of Vytex® Natural Rubber Latex, an allergy-free latex.

Latex Foam

Latex foam made with Vytex is now available to mattress manufacturers. Vytex products are more durable than conventional latex and polyurethane products that are labeled as using natural latex. Most latex foams are actually synthetic even products simply labeled “natural latex” are usually a blend of synthetic and natural latex.

For example, Gold Bond Mattress Company uses Vytex NRL foam in several of its mattresses.