Located in the greater Los Angeles, California area, Coop Home Goods (CHG), owned by Kevin Chon and his sister Jin, makes and sells pillows and related items, which they sell on the CHG website and on Amazon. The product line includes five head pillows (Eden, Dawn, Original, Travel & Camping Pillow, and Toddler Pillow), the Total Body Pillow, Knee Pillow, Adjustable Support Pillow, Seat Cushion, Lumbar Pillow, Nap Pillow, refill material for pillows, pillowcases and liners, mattress pads, and other items.

The Original and the Total Body Pillow are filled with shredded memory foam certified by CertiPUR-US. Dawn’s and Eden’s shredded memory foam is blended with microfiber. Eden’s also has gel memory foam. The covers of most of Coop’s pillows are a blend of 40% bamboo derived rayon and 60% polyester.

So far, the most successful products by Coop Home Goods on Amazon are the Original (Premium Adjustable Loft) Pillow, and the Total Body Pillow. Both are ranked close seconds in average customer review ratings on Amazon behind the equivalent Snuggle-Pedic pillows.