Memory Zone Mattress Selectabed Relief-Mart

The More Affordable Selectabed Memory Foam Mattress


A “New” Brand from the Old

The Selectabed 2000 and Selectabed 5000 memory foam mattresses were replaced by the Memory Zone brand. Essentially, the older Selectabed models were rebranded when upgraded.


 Memory Zone Regular               Memory Zone Deluxe



More Affordable Layered Support

The two Memory Zone models are Memory Zone™ Regular (9”) and Memory Zone™ Deluxe (10”). Memory Zone mattresses, like the Tri-Pedic Series of mattresses, have graduated support. The key differences are:

  1. The Memory Zone middle layer is PolyFlex, a medium-firm, resilient polyurethane foam. In Tri-Pedic it is 5-lb. memory foam. This feature alone makes a difference in cost between the two The regular price for a twin-sized Regular is $699. And a twin Tri-Pedic Gold is $1,099.
  2. The support base is 6” high for Tri-Pedic memory foam mattresses and 5” for the Memory Zone models.


Memory Zone Construction

Each of Memory Zone mattress model has three layers, with the same materials for each model.


Memory Zone Selectabed Airflow Transfer System


The cover of the Memory Zone mattresses is Kool-Flow material. It is a blend of polyester (56.4%), rayon from bamboo (43%), and Lycra (0.6%), and has knitted-in micro-vents for enhanced breathability. This is part of the upgrade from the older models, and it is also part of the optional Airflow Transfer System (ATS).

Top Layer

The top Memory Zone layer of 4-lb/ft³ memory foam is 2” high in the Regular, and 3” in the Deluxe. Previously, there was a choice between 4-lb. and 5-lb. memory foam. This is still an option, since SelectABed mattresses and pillows can be customized to the customer’s needs.

Middle Layer

The middle layer 2” of PolyFlex HD polyurethane foam is for transitional support. It provides support for the softer memory foam above. Unlike memory foam, it does not increase the conformity.

Base Layer

The primary support for the whole mattress is a 5” high base layer of high-density polyurethane foam.. With the optional Airflow Transfer System, channels are cut into the top surface for horizontal airflow.


Optional Airflow Transfer System


Air Flow Transfer System - Tempflow Mattresses reduce body heat

The Airflow Transfer System is an option for Memory Zone mattresses. It is a superior means of cooling the mattress with moving air. It begins and ends with the Kool-Flow cover, which has knitted-in micro-vents to let more air pass through. The upper layers are vertically ventilated. They connect with horizontal airflow channels cut into the surface of the support base.


Optional Airflow Transfer System


Comparisons with Tempur-Pedic

On its site, Selectabed compares the Memory Zone™ Regular with the TEMPUR-Cloud™ (now replaced by the TEMPUR-Adapt Medium) and the Memory Zone™ Deluxe with the Tempur-Cloud™ Supreme (now replaced by the TEMPUR-ProAdapt Soft).

Tempur-Pedic vs. Memory Zone

FeaturesTempur-PedicMemory Zone
Price (Twin) Tempur-Cloud Prima vs. Memory Zone Regular$1,299.00
Price (Twin) Tempur-Cloud Supreme vs. Memory Zone Deluxe$2,099.00$899.00
NASA Memory Foam
Warranty10 years
20 years
Sleep Trial90 Days120 Days
Over 4lb. Density Memory Foam Top LayerYesYes
Soft FeelYesYes
Made In the U.S.AYesYes
Patented Airflow Circulation Through Both Sides and SurfaceNoYes
CertiPUR-US™ Certified Environmentally Friendly FoamNoYes
Extra SupportiveYesYes
Boxed for shippingNoYes



Memory Zone mattresses are sold only through the Selectabed website and in the Select-A-Bed/TempFlow/Snuggle-Pedic/Air-Pedic store in Agoura Hills, California. They are vacuum-packed and boxed for shipping and for customer pick-up at the store.

Warranty and Sleep Trial

Both Memory Zone models are covered by 20-year warranties. This is shorter than the 30-year warranty on most Selectabed mattresses, but longer than the 10-year warranty now standard for Tempur-Pedic models.


Customer Response

We calculate our ratings in accordance with our Verified Review Policy.

Memory Zone mattresses are not reviewed on Amazon since they are not sold there. There are six Selectabed reviews on Reseller Ratings which give 5-Star reviews to a “memory foam mattress” which is likely Memory Zone models since Tri-Pedic is not specifically named, these are probably Memory Zone models (“Memory Zone” and “memory foam” sound alike to many people).

All customers rated these as “cool.”  Customer comments include:

  • “Comfortable to excess, molded to my body, felt cool.”
  • “We love the memory foam mattresses we purchased!”
  • “…could not be happier!”
  • “Sleeping like a Baby!”
  • “Great comfortable bed!”
  • “It’s like a Tempur Pedic, but half the price!”
  • “I would definitely recommend getting the breathable option that allows … more airflow.”
  • “We are very happy with our bed after two years.”
  • “Recommend to anyone who wants a memory foam bed.”

We’ll rate this series at 5-Stars, pending additional reviews.