Air-Pedic 700 by Selectabed

A Little Higher and Plusher

The 11” high Air-Pedic 700 is the next Air-Pedic memory foam adjustable airbed above the 10” Air-Pedic 500. Where the two models differ is in the depth of the memory foam: 1 inch in the 500 and 2 inches in the 700.

They both have 2” of Resili-Flex, a supportively-firm polyurethane foam which lends support to the memory foam. The Resili-Flex foam makes the Air-Pedic 700 slightly plusher than the Air-Pedic 500 for the same air support settings.

Air Support

The Air-Pedic 700 has the same air support as all Air-Pedic adjustable airbeds. This is a 6-chamber system: three zoned air chambers for each sleeper. Of the top rated adjustable airbed brands on Sleep Like the Dead, only #1 Air-Pedic and #3 Boyd’s Night Air beds use it (half of Night Air beds are 6-chamber, the other half are 2-chamber).

As described in other reviews, the advantage of the 6-chamber Tri-Zone system is eliminating hammocking – the weight of the hips in the center pushing up the ends. In Tri-Zone air support, the middle chamber is adjusted separated to hold up the middle of the body to keep the spine level. Instead, the weight of the hips on this section pushes up air to support the lumbar.


Airbed without lumbar support

2-Chamber Air Support

Airbed with Lumbar Support

6-Chamber Air Support


Kool-Flow Fabric Cover

The cover of the Air-Pedic 700 is Selectabed’s stretch-knitted Kool-Flow fabric. The blend of bamboo-derived rayon (43%), polyester (56.4%) and Spandex (0.6%) has micro-vents knitted in to allow air to freely flow through. For those that have the optional Airflow Transfer System, this is a key part.

Airflow Transfer System

The optional Airflow Transfer System, developed and patented by Selectabed (the parent company of the Air-Pedic brand), is an option on Selectabed mattresses, including Air-Pedic airbeds. It is also standard on mattresses by Snuggle-Pedic and Tempflow. Air flows through the Kool-Flow micro-vents, vertical perforations in the upper foam layers, and horizontal channels in the bottom foam layer.


A Comparison

The Air-Pedic 700 is compared by Selectabed to the 12” m7, one of the models with memory foam discontinued by Sleep Number. They both have 4” of foam atop the air support core. But there are differences in the foam used as well as the air support system.

The Air-Pedic has 2” of 4-lb. memory foam on 2” of resilient polyfoam. The m7 has 4” of gel-infused memory foam. The gel in the Sleep Number memory foam is for cooling, but this is of limited value, since it can absorb only so much heat. On the other hand, air flow is a more effective and longer-lasting method of cooling.

Also under consideration is foam support. The memory foam in the 700 is undergirded by the Resili-Flex, while the gel foam in the m7 sits directly on the air chambers.

Another difference here is that foams in Air-Pedic airbeds are in their own boxes, while the air support has its own box. This protects the foam from being caught between the air chambers.

Sleep Number uses the 2-chamber system. Several customers have commented on sagging in the middle. Some may blame this on the foams, such as memory foam, but the real problem is more often hammocking (see above under Air Support). This is more likely with side sleepers, who require softer mattresses. This means that they will use lower air settings (sleep numbers), increasing the likelihood of hammocking.

This chart puts the features of the Sleep Number m7 and the Air-Pedic 700 side-by-side:

Air-Pedic 700 Diagram

This comparison may help explain why customer satisfaction is higher for Air-Pedic than for Sleep Number.

LevelSleep Number m7Sleep Number 360 i7 Smart BedAir-Pedic 700
Foam Layers4" layer of CoolFit™ Gel Memory Foam5" layer of CoolFit™ Gel Memory Foam2" 4lb density memory foam layer +
2" Resili-Flex™ Layers.
Air Support6" air chambers (1 for each side)6" air chambers (1 for each side) +
Responsive Air™ technology
6-chamber (3 for each side), multi-zone technology for adjustable comfort and separate lumbar support control
Base Pad2" of foam beneath the air chamber(s)2" of foam beneath the air chamber(s)1" base pad under air chambers


Customer Response

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Like the Air-Pedic 500, the Air-Pedic 700 is not named in reviews on Viewpoints. However, it is covered in general since most of the reviews do not identify the model being reviewed. So like the lower model, the Air-Pedic 700 gets an average customer review rating of 4.83 stars (96.67%) and shares the same pros and cons.
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