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Air-Pedic Adjustable Airbeds

Certified as assembled in Southern California using all made in the USA Foam and Covering*


After two years of testing, Select-A-Bed (the mattress subsidiary of Relief-Mart) launched its own adjustable airbed, the Air-Pedic, in 2014. Two of the early models, the Air-Pedic 200 and Air-Pedic 300, were 2-chamber dual comfort beds. By 2017 they had been discontinued. The rest of the current models are 6-chamber beds. Of six brands of adjustable airbeds compared on Sleep Like the Dead, Air-Pedic has the highest customer satisfaction rate, 82%, and the best-known brand, Sleep Number, has the lowest, 77%.



The 6-Chamber Advantage

Of the leading airbed brands, only two have 6-chamber beds (the “tri-zone” system). Half of Boyd Sleep’s Night Air brand airbeds have six chambers in dual comfort sizes, the rest have two chambers (in practical terms, each Boyd model has two versions, 2-chamber and 6-chamber). All of the Air-Pedic models are 6-chamber airbeds.

6-chamber airbeds have a definite advantage over 2-chamber beds, especially with less-firm (lower number) air pressure settings, side sleepers, and/or heavier sleepers.

The Problem

When the airbed has a higher-number (firmer) setting with a light-to-medium weight sleeper, there is little difference in support from one end to the other and in the middle. However, with a lower (softer) setting or with a heavier sleeper, there is a greater chance of hammocking – sinking down in the middle while pushing the ends up. A little hammocking is not as bad for a back sleeper, but it pulls the spine laterally out of line for a side sleeper (who is more likely to have a lower setting), and torture for a stomach sleeper.

The Solution

The solution is to have three chambers for each sleeper with two settings, for the ends and for the middle. One end is for the head and shoulders, and the other for the lower legs and feet. The middle chamber is for the heavier mid-section of the body. The pressure in this chamber is raised until it holds the spine in its natural position. If the comfort layer is memory foam, the lumbar will be supported even better.



Airbed without lumbar support


  Airbed with Lumbar Support


Some bloggers don’t see much of an advantage in the tri-zone configuration, but airbed owners do. In fact, several customers have switched from Sleep Number to Air-Pedic to get the benefits of 6-chamber airbeds. This is one of the reasons Air-Pedic and Boyd out-rank Sleep Number in owner satisfaction. Several S-N customers complain about sagging in the middle.

See for yourself in this video explaining how the 6-chamber airbed works.



Mattress and Sleep Assessment App

Mattress and Sleep Assessment App

There is something to help you get the right settings for your back – The Mattress and Sleep Assessment App. Created by doctors, it is available at the iTunes store.



Airflow Transfer System

An option for all Air-Pedic adjustable airbeds is Selectabed’s patented Airflow Transfer System. The design includes the cover and all foam layers. It was developed to facilitate enhanced airflow through the foam layers of the mattress for cooling and freshness. The cover is the patented KoolFlow fabric consisting of a bamboo rayon-polyesterLycra blend with knitted-in Micro-vents. The top layer (or layers) is vertically ventilated, and the bottom layer is channeled for horizontal airflow.

The advantages of this are two-fold. First, it keeps the sleeping surface cool and dry. Second, it stops moisture buildup in the foam, preventing mold growth and deterioration of the foam.


Airflow Transfer System



The Air-Pedic Airbeds Models

Currently, there are seven models. There were ten at the beginning of 2018. In the Fall three were discontinued: Air-Pedic 400, Air-Pedic 900, and Air-Pedic 1200. The remaining models have been revised with upgraded materials. A few have different heights.

Each Air-Pedic adjustable airbed model is compared to a Sleep Number bed. Since Sleep Number has extensively revised its offerings, the comparisons themselves have changed.

Air-Pedic Model Chart

HeightHas Memory FoamHas Gel FoamCompared To Sleep Number
Air-Pedic™ 50010.5"NoYes360 p5
Air-Pedic™ 60011.5"NoYes360 p6
Air-Pedic™ 70012.5"YesYes360 i7
Air-Pedic™ 80013.5"NoYes360 i7
Air-Pedic™ 85013.5"NoYes360 iLE
Air-Pedic™ 100014.5"YesYes360 i10
Air-Pedic™ 110014"YesNoOriginal i10


Comfort Layers

Three of the seven current Air-Pedic beds (700, 1000, 1100) have memory foam in the comfort layers. The previous version of the 500 had memory foam, as also did the discontinued 900 and 1200 (the 1200 had two memory foam layers, one 5-lb. density, the other 4-lb). All current models have the more resilient Resili-Flex foam for customers who prefer a springy feel. This is the same material used in the support bases of Select-A-Bed’s Flex-Tech Mattresses, which the company calls “Hybrid Mattresses” due to its springiness. This is the reason most of the newer versions of the Air-Pedic airbed models are labeled “Hybrid” in the diagrams.

One model, the 1100, had a Gel-Flex foam top layer, which the current version does not have. This is the reverse of the 1000, which previously did not have the Gel-Flex layer but now does. The variety of the lineup has something for everyone. Customer reviews reveal that each bed is made-to-order in consultation with the buyers, leaving room for customization of content.

Bloggers and independent reviewers debate the functionality of foams atop the air chambers. Some say these mask the benefits of the adjustable air support; some others say the cushioning of foam enables the user to enjoy a firmer air setting; others still fall in between. Since Air-Pedic beds were developed by experts in memory foam design, the utilization of foams appears to be optimized. This is indicated in customer responses.


Shipping, Sleep Trial and Warranty

Air-Pedic adjustable airbeds, called “luxury air beds” by Select-A-Bed, are shipped fully assembled. This avoids problems arising from consumer assembly (a complaint in several Sleep Number customer reviews). And they are not compressed for packing into small boxes. This is to preserve the quality of the materials and assembly.

Air-Pedic has a 120-day Return Policy with free shipping and handling. The 30-year warranty (3 years non-prorated) is the longest for the six leading adjustable airbed brands.


120-Day Sleep Guarantee 30-Year Warranty


Customer Ratings

We calculate our ratings in accordance with our Verified Review Policy.

Since Air-Pedic adjustable airbeds are not sold on Amazon or other retail sites, we do not have ratings from these sources. Therefore we rely on other sources of customer ratings. Customer reviews and ratings of Air-Pedic mattresses can be found on Viewpoints, Reseller Ratings,, Yelp, and GoodBed. Additionally, Sleep Like the Dead has analyzed reviews and comments by owners of Air-Pedic beds and included them in a comparison of airbeds by five manufacturers.

Sleep Like The Dead (SLTD)

Sleep Like the Dead does not show individual customer ratings for any products they evaluate. Their evaluation of Air-Pedic is based on the reviews and other comments by 31 mattress owners. SLTD rates Air-Pedic’s owner satisfaction at 82%, the highest of five adjustable airbeds they compared.


BrandAir-PedicHabitat FurnishingsBoydInnomaxPersonal ComfortSleep Number
Owner Satisfaction (Sample size)82% (31)82% (38)81% (55)
78% (121)78% (204)77% (1741)
Prices$1400- $4700$2100-$3400$950- $4300$600- $2000$500- $4000$600- $5800
Number of Air Chambers in dual comfort mattresssixtwotwo or sixtwotwotwo
Return Policy Length / Fee120 days, must keep 21 days / ship & handling fee365 days / $99 feeVaries by retailer. At Nightair Beds– 100 days/ no fee90+ days, must keep 30 days / no fee (Sam's)120 days. At Amazon – 30 days / restocking fee.100 days, must keep 30 days / ship fee
Warranty30 years, 3 years non-prorated20 years, 2 years non-proratedUsually 20 years, 2 years non-prorated10-25 years, 3 years non-prorated25 years, 3 years non-prorated25 years, 2 years non-prorated

On, the only Air-Pedic model with a customer review is the Air-Pedic 800 traditional pillow top mattress. This has 5-star rating, and is also a detailed review.


GoodBed evaluated the overall owner satisfaction rate as 78%. It has 7 ratings and 2 reviews of Air-Pedic mattresses with a 3.86 stars average rating. One model, the Air-Pedic 400 Traditional Box Top (now discontinued), is named twice in the ratings.

The customers also rated the Air-Pedic mattress in the following six categories.
CategoryRating SummaryAverage RatingNumber of Ratings
Back Support
Pressure ReliefGood4.007
Sleep QualityBetter4.258
Stays "Cool"Good4.007
ValueVery good5.002
WarrantyVery good5.002

Resellers Ratings

Resellers Ratings has the greatest number of Air-Pedic customer reviews (71). However, only 20 of the reviews relate the user’s experience with the airbed. The rest only rate the customer service (which is almost perfect).

Of the eighteen reviews of Air-Pedic adjustable airbeds, one is 2 stars, three are 4 stars, and the rest are 5 stars, for an average rating of 4.70 (94.00%).


The 28 Air-Pedic customer review ratings on Viewpoints average 4.89 out of 5 stars. All but three of the ratings are 5 stars. The Viewpoints average rating is 4.89 (97.86%).


The four Air-Pedic reviews on Yelp are among all the reviews for the Select-A-Bed/TempFlow/Air-Pedic showroom in Agoura Hills, California. Two of the customers reviewed the Air-Pedic 1000, giving it 5-star ratings. The other customers did not name the model, but one gave the brand 5 stars and the other 3 stars. This show how much impact one rating can make in a small sample. The average Yelp rating is 4.5 (90%).

Aggregate Rating

In a weighted aggregate rating, the ratings from each source are weighted by the sample size. This gives each individual rating the same weight among all reviews. We can’t use Sleep Like the Dead’s grading in for the 5-star scale since we do not have a collection of reviews to analyze. We may figure their customer satisfaction rating into the percentage ratings for the brand as a whole.

The weighted aggregate average rating of Air-Pedic mattresses by 58 verified customers yields an average customer rating of 4.71 stars (94.24%).

Pros & Cons

Several customers name pros and cons of the Air-Pedic Adjustable Airbeds they rated, many in the reviews themselves, others checking or filling out a list, some both. A few quotes from the reviews are:

    • “The mattress is the most comfortable we’ve ever had. It’s nice to be able to control the firmness with the 6 zone air chambers.”
    • “We enjoy lying in our bed drinking our morning coffee and commenting every day on how comfortable the mattress feels.”
    • “The 6 chambers work great and we are VERY pleased with the construction of the bed.”
    • “I immediately noticed significantly less back pain when I got up in the morning…”
    • “We love being able to adjust the support, as well as the head and foot and joining the center was a great choice for us. I am extremely pleased to not have a well” in the center of the bed.”
    • “I was expecting the trunk, pelvis and legs are the three zonea. So, if you are short, like me, 5 feet, the bed does not have an advantage.”


More Information

For more detail on Air-Pedic adjustable airbeds with memory foam, go to Air-Pedic 500, Air-Pedic 700, and Air-Pedic 1200 (the 1200 has been discontinued).


Air-Pedic Adjustable Airbeds

$1,400 - $4,700

Sleep Like the Dead





Reseller Ratings







  • Over one third cite good support.
  • The Air-Pedic was cited as comfortable by almost 1/3 of reviewers.
  • About a quarter of customers said they slept better on the Air-Pedic adjustable airbed.
  • Several reviewers said the Air-Pedic was cooler than a memory foam mattress.
  • According to several customer, this mattress relieved pain of the neck and/or back.


  • Some said it took time to learn to adjust the Air-Pedic or to find one’s best setting.
  • A few said their mattresses developed cavities.
  • The mattress was hard to adjust for a few customers