Temperature Regulation by Airflow
in Memory Foam Mattresses

TempFlow is a Relief-Mart brand which is a branch of Selectabed, but has its own website. TempFlow is currently the highest rated brand of mattresses – all kinds, more than just memory foam mattresses – reviewed on Beds.org. Three key features for this brand are the Airflow Transfer System™, Biogreen® Memory Foam, and the Kool-FlowMicro-Vented Knit Cover.


There are nine TempFlow models: Gaia™, Essence™, Selene™, Harmonia™, Flexia™, Celestia™, Copia™, Eros™, and Opulence™.  Five are 9” high, and four are 11” in height. An 8” high model, Eclipse™, is no longer listed.

Tempflow Celestia    Tempflow Copia    Tempflow Gaia
Celestia                          Copia                          Gaia

Tempflow Opulence    Tempflow Eros      Tempflow Essence
Opulence                          Eros                          Essence

Tempflow Flexia    Tempflow Harmonia    Tempflow Selene
Flexia                          Harmonia                          Selene

Airflow Transfer System

All of TempFlow’s models feature Selectabed’s Airflow Transfer System™ (ATS). This channels airflow through mattresses, both vertically and horizontally, for more efficient cooling and ventilation. This ATS is also an optional feature for some of the Selectabed models, such as the Tri-Pedic. Each model has three layers. The two comfort layers are perforated for the air to flow through vertically. The top surface of the support (base) layer has squared horizontal air channels so air can flow to and from the side of the mattress. As demonstrated in this video, ATS is more effective than relying on open-cell foam alone, or on vertical ventilation without cross flow to the sides.

Biogreen Memory Foam

TempFlow mattresses also feature Biogreen Memory Foam in the top layer of each TempFlow model. The thickness and firmness of this layer varies by model. Biogreen is extremely low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is a product of research into making effective memory foam without residual toxins and with the fewest possible VOCs. Tested in a UL testing center to GreenGuard testing specifications, the level of VOCs in Biogreen is 00.039 mg/m³, less than 1/5  the GreenGuard Gold standard and about 1/13 the CertiPur-US and OEKO-TEX standards.

The second layer is Biogreen in Selene, Harmonia, Copia, and Eros. Each of the other models – Gaia, Essence, Flexia, Celestia, Opulence – has a variety of polyurethane foam (Polyflex, SD Firm-Flex, Flex-Comfort, Comfort Flex, SD Comfort Flex) in this layer. It is usually firmer than the top layer, a pattern used in the Tri-Pedic by Selectabed.

Kool-Flow Cover

Each TempFlow mattress is covered with KoolFlow, which is also used on the newer Snuggle-Pedic mattress: a knit fabric with micro-vents for better airflow. This is part of the Airflow Transfer System, allowing air to flow through the mattress cover on both the top panel and the sides. The fiber is a blend of polyester (56.4%),  bamboo-derived rayon (43%), and spandex (0.6%).


On its website, TempFlow compares its mattresses to equivalent TEMPUR-Pedic models:


Model Height Warranty Model Height




30 Years Tempur-Cloud Prima


10 Years


30 Years Tempur-Contour Supreme


10 Years


40 Years

Tempur-Contour Elite


10 Years


40 Years Tempur-Cloud Supreme


10 Years


40 Years Tempur-Flex Supreme


10 Years


40 Years Tempur-Cloud Luxe


10 Years


40 Years Tempur-Contour Rhapsody


10 Years


40 Years Tempur-Cloud Elite


10 Years


40 Years Tempur-Flex Elite


10 Years



Selectabed/Tempflow Storefront Selectabed/Air-Pedic Storefront

TempFlow mattresses are sold through two venues: online from the TempFlow website and in Selectabed stores. The prices are not posted on the website, but shoppers can ask for a quote. The prices depend on the options chosen – each mattress is made-to-order. Also, this provides an opportunity for the retail associates to consult with shoppers to find what they really need and want. Since online customers cannot see the mattresses up close and feel them, this makes shopping online less blind. However, to let shoppers know the range of prices, each model listed has a chart of suggested retail prices and factory-direct prices for each size.

TempFlow also makes mattresses in custom sizes and shapes, including RV mattresses. UltraBed mattresses are custom-designed oversize beds.

UltraBed Logo
Round UltraBed Curved for Boat UltraBed Sunbrella Outdoor UltraBed

Warranty and Sleep Trial

TempFlow has a three-month trial/return period for its mattresses, longer than most mattresses manufacturers. The warranty period for two models, Gaia and Essence, is 30 years. For the rest it is 40 years.

Customer Response

We calculate our ratings in accordance to our Verified Review Policy.

Since mattresses by TempFlow are not sold on Amazon, US-Mattress, and other retail sites, or in non-company stores or chains, there are no customer reviews on these venues. The Tempflow site has a tab for testimonials, but no reviews with ratings. Also, the testimonials are mostly not model-specific.

There are owner ratings and reviews for TempFlow beds on GoodBed, and some of the reviews of Selectabed’s Agoura Hills store on Yelp name the TempFlow brand or its models. All customer reviews of TempFlow on Beds.org are for seven specific models.

Besides this, several independent reviewers or columns have reviewed specific TempFlow mattress models. One of these was the editor of Splash Magazine, who bought a TempFlow Gaia after considering a comparison on Space Daily. Brad Bartz of Space Daily had ordered a TEMPUR-Pedic DeluxeBed (since renamed TEMPUR-Contour Signature) and the first TempFlow model and compared them side-by-side (this was before Biogreen was developed and other models were added to the lineup). Both he and members of the magazine’s staff slept a night on each and compared their notes. Here is their evaluation:

After splitting a night’s sleep on both mattresses, I was able to verify that the Tempflow(TM) did indeed keep my body cooler overall. It is also a consensus from the other Space Daily staff members who have since slept on the two mattresses, that Tempflow™ does indeed live up to its claim of being able keep the body cooler.


TempFlow mattresses were rated by 20 owners, with 8 of them writing reviews. As usual, GoodBed collected the owners’ ratings of their beds on several specific issues. Owners rated their mattresses on Back Support, Pressure Relief, Sleep Quality, Stays “Cool” and Value. Not all owners rated each issue, so most of the issues do not have 20 ratings. Also, many owners did not identify the model they were rating. The small sample size means that one review has larger influence on the average ratings than it would in a larger sample.

  • Back Support – All owners rated their TempFlow mattresses on Back Support. Thirteen owners rated this with 5 stars, and the average rating was 4.35 stars (87%).
  • Pressure Relief – Twelve owners rated Pressure Relief. Half gave it 5 stars, and the average rating was 4.08 (82%).
  • Sleep Quality – Eleven owners rated Sleep Quality with a 3.82 (76%) average rating.
  • Stays Cool – Twelve owners gave a 3.5 (70%) average rating on the Stays “Cool” issue.
  • Value – The seven owners who rated their Tempflow mattresses on Value all gave it 5 stars for a 5-star average. No doubt this reflects the price difference between TEMPUR-Pedic and TempFlow.

Five owners named their models: Celestia (2) and Selene (3). Each was rated 5 stars. Overall, twelve of the 20 owners rated their TempFlow mattresses at 5 stars, with an average rating of 4.25 (85%)


The reviews for Tempflow mattresses on Yelp! are in the reviews for Relief-Mart’s Selectabed/Air-Pedic/Tempflow store in Agoura Hills, California. Seven of these reviews concern TempFlow mattresses, with five naming the models. However, one names two models – they replaced the first one with another – so this brings the number of ratings to eight.

The eight ratings for Tempflow mattresses on Yelp! average 4.88 (97½%).


All nine of the mattress models by TempFlow have reviews by the staff writer on Beds.Org. However, only seven of these are reviewed by customers. The total number of reviews/ratings is 32. Of these, 31 are 5 stars, and one is 3 stars for an average rating of 4.94 (98¾%), making Tempflow the highest rated mattress brand on this site.

Aggregate Rating

To rate a product based on two or more groups of customer reviews, we weight each source by the number of verified customer reviews on that site. Using this method, the aggregate rating for Tempflow mattresses is 4.7 of 5 stars (94%).

Review Sites

Numbers of Ratings

Gross Points

Average Ratings

Percentage Rating



158 4.94




85 4.25




39 4.88




282 4.70


Pros & Cons

Most reviewers, including both customers and independent reviewers, like the support and pressure relief of Tempflow mattresses. The variety of the nine models plus the ability of the manufacturer to customize the feel, are factors in this. Some of these reviewers, such as Brad Bartz, rate TempFlow’s support the same as TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses.

Only one of the reviewers said the mattress was hot. Most said it was cool, some comparing it favorably to Tempur-Pedic. However, the rating for Stays “Cool” on GoodBed was 3.5, which could possibly be accounted for by (1) only 12 of the 20 marking this category, (2) unusually warm rooms to begin with, and (3) a few expecting it to be cooler than reasonable.

In addition to the value ratings on GoodBed, other reviewers found Tempflow models affordable, especially when compared to the leading brand.












  • Back support
  • Pressure relief
  • Stays cool
  • Affordable
  • Variety of options/models


  • For a few, not cool