Rush Mattress, based in High Point, North Carolina, is a specialty mattress manufacturer. Not to be confused with specialty sleep (mattresses without metal coils), specialty mattresses are tailor-made or customized to the specifications of retailers and distributors. Mike Rush, the CMO, says, “The lines we make for display are merely examples of what we can do.”  This also applies to the models displayed on the Rush Mattress website. There is a minimum of detail on the models shown, with no “Buy” or “Shop” buttons or listed prices.

Launched in 2014, Rush Mattress (RM) is a part of Vrush Industries. Started in 2009, Vrush is the parent company of Rush Industries (RI – designer and manufacturer of ready-to-assemble – RTA – furniture), Rush Furniture (RF– seller/distributor of furniture), and Rush Mattress. Besides furniture and mattresses, Vrush also makes and sells pillows (Plush to the Touch), pet beds (Pet Cuddlers), snack foods (Rush Gormet), eco-friendly soaps & detergents, and EDI & IT services. All products and services are sold to retailers or retail distributors.

Vrush Industries claims to make all their products in the United States (except for door mirrors). They have six manufacturing/shipping locations around the U.S. with another under way.


Rush Mattress has four lines of mattresses:  Memory Foam Mattresses, Breezycool™ Mattresses, CoolNights™ Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattresses,and the SimplyNatural™ Latex Mattress Collection. The last item shown for each collection except SimplyNatural™ is “Private Label,” meaning customization of models for retailers:

YOUR  ______ Mattress
• Choose your colors
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• Choose your specifications

Memory Foam Mattresses

This collection has three presentation models. These are 6”, 8” and 10” high. Each has a polyurethane (Rush Polycore) support core and a memory foam comfort layer with a stretch-knit cover. The relative densities and thicknesses of the layers depends on retailer specifications.

Breezycool™ Mattresses

The Breezycool™ material in these mattresses is reticulated foam. This is a porous foam first designed for seat cushions on boats. The foam is porous enough to quickly dry by letting water flow through. There are five presentation models, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 inches high. The 8” Avignon has two layers: 2” reticulated foam and 6” Polycore. The other models have three layers each, with a middle layer beneath the 2” reticulated foam. In the 9” and 10” models, this is memory foam. In the 11” and 12” models it is gel-infused memory foam. All models have a stretch-knit cover designed to look like quilting.

CoolNights™ Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattresses

This 5-model collection has the same range of sizes as the Breezycool. CoolNights™ is Rush’s gel-infused memory foam. It composes the top layer in each presentation model in this collection. In the 8” models, this is the only comfort layers atop the Polycore support layer. The rest of the models have a middle layer: memory foam in the 9” and 10” models, reticulated foam in the 11” model, and natural latex in the 12” model.

SimplyNatural™ Latex Mattress Collection.

This is the newest collection with three presentation models (8” Firm, 10” Classic, 12” Plush). It is distinct from the others from the bottom up. All foam layers are all-natural latex. The latex in the 6” support core is firm in the Firm and Classic, and cushion firm in the Plush.

Firm has only two layers; the 2” comfort layer is firm.

Classic has two 2” comfort layers. The top layer is plush, and the middle layer cushion firm.

Plush’s comfort layers are each 3” high. The top layer is ultra-plush, and the middle layer plush.

The covers in the SimplyNatural™ are all 100% organic cotton stretch-knit fabric quilted with an organic cotton fill. The flame retardant layers are compressed wool.

Adjustable Beds

Besides mattresses, Rush Mattress also sells adjustable beds, the Rush Adjustable Power Bases. Though the manufacturer of these s not named, the model named Elevation seems to indicate the Rize Elevation made for Mantua by Customatic Adjustable Bedz.


All of Rush Mattress’s polyurethane foams (including memory foam and reticulated foam) are certified by CertiPUR-US® as “made without lead, mercury, and other heavy metals, without formaldehyde, without ozone depleters and other specific chemicals.” The latex certifications are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and EuroLATEX ECO-Standard. No certifications were claimed for the organic cotton or the wool.

Memory Foam Reticulated Foam Gel Memory FoamSplash in Liquid Latex Made in the USA

Warranties and Sleep Trial Periods

Rush Mattress does not specify any warranty of sleep trial on its site. These are worked out with the retailers.


Other than the latex, Rush Mattress does not specify the density of its foams. It appears that this is open to negotiation with the retailers. The best performance for memory foam at the top would be 4-to-5 lbs., though 3.5 lbs. may be acceptable. For memory foam in the middle, 5 lbs. would be best.

Since all foams are made in America, we can be more sure of their quality than with foams made in China.