Tempflow Eros Mattress by Relief-Mart


Tempflow’s Firm Eros Luxury Mattress Review


Eros is the second softest of the Tempflow mattresses, being rated as “Plush,” second only to the “Extra Plush” Celestia. It is one of four 11” high models; the others are Celestia, Copia, and Opulence. Eros, as are all Tempflow mattress, is made in the U.S.A.

  • Mattress Depth: 11 inch
  • Comfort Layer(s): 2 inch SD™ Ultra-Plush Biogreen® over 2 inch SD™ Firmer Biogreen® Memory Foam
  • Mattress Feel: Plush*
  • Tempur-Pedic’s® Comparable Feel*: Tempur-Cloud Elite
  • Cost: More Expensive Model
  • Warranty: 40-years
  • Side Sleepers: Yes, if not too heavy or very soft mattress is preferred
  • Back Sleepers: No, unless not too heavy and has no back pain
  • Stomach Sleepers: Yes
  • Back Pain: No, unless light to medium weight and/or prefers very soft
  • Obese: No
  • The Doctor’s Take: With the most combined usage of evenly split the softer and firmer Biogreen surface and flex layer underneath, this is the ultimate in comfort and support. This will work best for side sleepers and those who need a more forgiving mattress that will optimally cradle the user in a virtually weightless sleep.


Mattress Construction


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Eros is a memory foam mattress with four layers. The cover and the upper three layers are designed to be part of the patented Airflow Transfer System (ATS). It is also has a graduated layering system, with the layers progressing from softest at the top to firmest at the bottom. This means the sleeper can experience upper level softness without sacrificing support.

Mattress Cover

The cover of Eros (as of all Tempflow mattresses) is Relief-Mart’s patented Kool-Flow micro-suede and micro-vented knit fabric. This same material is used on the Snuggle-Pedic Mattress and Selectabed mattresses with the ATS option. The micro-vents let more air flow through than with just loose-knit fabric. The micro-vents are not only in the top panel, but on the sides. This cloth is also stretchable, conforming to the sleeper’s body along with the memory foam.

Comfort Layer

The top layer of Eros is made of 2 inches 5-lb. SD™ Ultra-Plush Biogreen® memory foam. Like the original memory foam developed by Fagerdala (now TEMPUR-Pedic) from the NASA cushioning material, this is a very conforming foam. The primary benefit is evenly-distributed support for pressure relief.

Support Layer

This, the second layer of the Eros mattress, is 2” of firmer 5-lb. Biogreen® for more support. It keeps the upper layer from bottoming out.

Channeled Airflow Layer

This 2″ layer of very firm, HR (high resiliency) polyurethane foam has channels cut into the top surface. These, as part of the Airflow Transfer System, are to transport air to and from the side panels of the cover.

Support Base

The 5” high Channeled Support Base is extra-firm HR polyurethane foam.


Cooling Technology

Air Flow Transfer System - Tempflow Mattresses reduce body heat

gets its name from its use of Selectabed’s patented Airflow Transfer System to move air, and therefore temperatures, through the mattress. As is shown in this Snuggle-Pedic video and a demonstration by Dr. Swartzburg, it moves air in both directions, drawing cool air up to the sleeping surface. This not only cools the mattress, but also keeps the interior of the foam dry and fresh.

How does it do this?

  1. It begins and ends with the cover. The Kool-Flow has knitted-in micro-vents for increased air permeability. These vents are not just on top, but on the sides of the mattress.
  2. After the upper layers are cut to size and put together, they are vertically perforated to provide an air route all the way through the layers.
  3. Airflow channels with a square cross-section are cut into the top surface of the Channeled Airflow layer to carry air horizontally.


Material Considerations

About 2013, Selectabed introduced a new material into Tempflow mattresses: Biogreen®. This is not so-called plant-based foam. but a refinement in manufacturing memory foam. As late as three or four years ago, more than 5% to 10% of soy oil polyols would adversely affect the performance of memory foam, limiting the extent to which effective memory foam could be plant-based.

Biogreen® was developed to significantly lower the level of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. In testing by a UL lab, Biogreen® had no toxic materials (such a phthalates), and had VOC emissions of only 00.039 mg/m³. This is ⅕ as much as the strictest standard, GreenGuard Gold, and ¹/₁₃ of the CertiPur-US standard which most mattress manufacturers claim to meet. Some customers reviewing Tempflow mattresses say they do not have the breathing problems and headaches they had with other memory foam mattresses.


Comparison with other Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

Comparisons of Eros and other Tempflow mattresses with equivalent TEMPUR-Pedic models are in flux. The reason is that the older company keeps changing its models and the model names. Admittedly, TEMPUR-Pedic is innovating, trying to stay ahead of the market. It still is the standard to which other memory foam mattresses are compared.

Tempflow mattresses are generally the same. New models have been added over time. Innovation has been applied without totally changing the product lineup. For instance, the memory foam was upgraded to Biogreen® without renaming the models.

Several years ago, Eros was compared to the Tempurpedic® Allura/Grand. Since that mattress has been discontinued, the comparable feel is now like the TEMPUR-Cloud Elite. In 2018, TEMPUR-Pedic has been replacing its models with an entirely new Adapt lineup, so our comparison pairings will have to change, and the Eros will be compared to the new TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt Soft.

Three notable contrasts between Tempur-Pedic and Tempflow

  • Outgassing: It’s still too early to judge the new TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses, but some customers who have bought the outgoing models note the continuing odor in some, including the Cloud Elite. Eros has not received those complaints, because it has the Biogreen® memory foam.
  • Cooling: Since it was introduced, Eros has had the cool advantage of the Airflow Transfer System. Customers have noted how warm the TEMPUR-Cloud Elite is, even though they like the feel of the foam. In this respect, Eros, with the Airflow Transfer System, would be better compared with the TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe Breeze, which has perforated memory foam (by the way, the next new TEMPUR-Pedic Adapt series will be an update of their Breeze mattresses).
  • Sleep Trial and WarrantyEros is covered by a 40-year warranty, and the sleep trial is for 120 nights. All TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses, including the TEMPUR-Cloud Elite and the TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe Breeze, have a 10-year warranty and a 90-night sleep trial.


Customer Response

We calculate our ratings in accordance with our Verified Review Policy.

So far, Eros has been receiving a positive customer response. There are not many publicly available reviews, because sales of this and other Tempflow models are limited to online at the Tempflow site, in the Selectabed showroom in Agoura Hills, and four dealers, one each in Cyprus and Hawaii, and two in Pennsylvania. GoodBed has 22 customer ratings of Tempflow, but Eros is not named.

However, there are places with reviews of this model. On Beds.org, the highest ranking manufacturer is Tempflow, and Eros is its highest ranking model, a 5.0 average rating with 10 reviews (from Jan. 2013 to July 2018). Of seven mentions of Tempflow in reviews of the Selectabed Relief-Mart store on Yelp, two 5-star reviews name the Eros. Additionally, this model has received good reviews in articles on Space Daily and LA Splash, and some of Tempflow’s customer testimonials name Eros. There are enough reviews, though, to make it notable that not even one is 4-stars or lower. Therefore, we rate the Tempflow Eros with five stars.


Tempflow Eros







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  • Relieves pressure
  • Supportive
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