The name of this memory foam mattress suggests that it will lull a person to sleep. Judging by customer reviews, a majority of owners feel like that is what it does. That is what Sven Klein wanted when he and his wife shopped for a new mattress. They developed a distaste for mattress shopping. Since Sven was a veteran venture capitalist, he started his own mattress company to provide an affordable good mattress and a convenient shopping experience.

The company – Lull Ventures, LLC. The product – The Lull Mattress. The firm was started in April 2015, and the mattress was launched in November of that year. It joined a line of startup mattress producers with limited selection, low prices, and direct-to-consumer service.

Oblique view of Lull Mattress

As stated above, this is a memory foam mattress. It does not use latex, as does Casper, novel latex substitutes, such as in Yogabed and Tuft & Needle, or a completely different material, as is in Purple. It has two layers of memory foam on a polyurethane foam support core. As to no latex, Lull says its mattress does not trigger latex allergies.

The Lull Mattress is 10” high. The support core is 7” thick, and the middle transition layer and top comfort layer are 1½” each.

Cutaway view of Lull Mattress

The polyurethane foam in the support core is very dense, undergirding the softer upper layers for base support. This keeps the transition and comfort layers from bottoming out, which also guards against them breaking down.

The transition layer is memory foam. Details are not stated, but it is described as a “foam blend.” The firmness of this layer is not revealed on the Lull site or by reviewers, but “transition” indicates that its firmness is midway between those of the support core and the comfort layer.

As with the second layer, the firmness is not specified, but it is evidently less dense than the transition layer. This generally follows the pattern of the Tri-Pedic Mattress and Tempur-Pedic’s Tempur-Cloud and Tempur-Contour collections.

The memory foam in the top layer is also infused with gel. The stated intent of this gel is cooling. When the sleeper lies down, it will absorb heat to offset the tendency of memory foam to accumulate heat. However, there is a limit to how much heat the gel can absorb. This depends on the kind of gel, the amount, and the ability to conduct heat to where it can dissipate. The type of infusion used for the gel is not stated, but the least effective is beads. More effective is liquid gel swirls, which can conduct heat to the other side of the layer.

Even more effective is airflow through the foam. The more effective the flow of air, the more effective the cooling. Open-cell foam does permit some air to filter through the foam, and this air can take heat with it.

More effective is ventilation, with vertical pores through the foam. This is enhanced when a lower layer transfers this air to the border, where it can pass through the fabric of the cover. This is the structure of the Airflow Transfer System, which is an option for the Tri-Pedic and standard for TempFlow and Snuggle-Pedic mattresses. This video shows how the Airflow Transfer System works.

The breathable cover of the mattress is 90% polyester and 10% rayon. It is removable and hand washable.

The overall firmness of the Lull Mattress is 6.5 on a scale of 10, medium firm. This is the preferred comfort level for most sleepers, putting it in the middle. This, however, leaves those who prefer a softer or firmer mattress looking elsewhere, the reason several of the new online mattresses providers have two or three models or firmness levels. Some customers said in their reviews that the Lull Mattress was firmer than they expected. Most reported pressure relief without excess warmth. There were no complaints of partner disturbance caused by motion transfer.

The price of Lull mattresses is moderate by boxed bed standards, about one third the price of an equivalent model sold in traditional mattress stores. This reflects the direct-to-buyer connection and the size of the box, eliminating intermediate market levels. The warranty is for 10 years, and the trial period for 100 nights.

Lull box   Delivered Lull Mattress

As to packaging the mattress for shipping, Lull actually has a video showing a mattress being put together, then being compressed, rolled, and put into a box. They also have links to unboxing videos.