The Thinner of Two

The 5” high SlimSleeper Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Xtreme Comforts is the thinner version of their 7” Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. Like the thicker pillow, the SlimSleeper is filled with shredded memory foam and encased in a KoolFlow knit cover.

The Shredded Memory Foam Advantage

Shredded memory foam (SFM) is more pliable than 1-piece memory foam. Like the solid version, it reacts to both pressure and body heat to conform to a sleeper’s heat to cradle the body – in the case of pillows, to cradle the head. But like a pillow filled with down, it can be shaped to fit the user. Unlike a down pillow, however, a shredded memory foam pillow won’t fall flat. That’s not to say that it won’t depress under a sleeper’s head. After all, it is memory foam, which softens with heat. When the head is lifted from the pillow, the memory foam will resume its original shape.

SFM in Three Comparable Pillows

There is a limit to how far a shredded memory foam pillow will depress. This depends on the density of the memory foam, the weight and body heat of the sleeper, and how much shredded foam is in the pillow. Needless to say, the thinner SlimSleeper has less SFM than the XC Shredded Memory Foam Pillow. The firmness of both these pillows is determined in the factory. Unlike the SFM pillows by Snuggle-Pedic and Coop Home Goods, shredded foam cannot be taken out or added to adjust the firmness of the pillow. This is one reason the two shredded memory foam pillows by Xtreme Comforts are not rated as high as those by the other two manufacturers.

One thing in favor of all three companies is that their pillows are certified as made in the USA. Also, all three use memory foam that is certified by CertiPUR-US as free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals and low on volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

What Are the Pros and Cons?


Over 78% of the verified customer reviews were positive (65.6% 5 stars and 13.7% 4 stars). Among the pros they cited were these:

  1. Light smell, soon gone
  2. Sleeps cool
  3. Fluffier than solid foam
  4. Not over-filled (perfect for stomach sleeper)
  5. Price point – affordable


Critical reviews of the SlimSleeper have these four complaints in this order of frequency:

  1. This pillow gets lumpy.
  2. This pillow fluffs out to 7-9 inches high, way more than 5”.
  3. This pillow falls flat.
  4. This pillow is too hot.

The first complaint may have to do with the size and/or shape of the pieces of memory foam in the pillows. However, one positive reviewer noted that the pillow sat high at first, but let the head down to the right level, unlike solid foam.

The pillows, for the most part, do not get lumpy until after being laundered and dried. The Snuggle-Pedic pillows do not have nearly as many lumpy complaints. The Coop Home Goods SMF head pillow has more finely-shredded foam. It has a smaller percentage of “lumpy” complaints, but more on flattening or being too soft

The last three of these complaints suggest inconsistency in either the density of the memory foam used or the amount of foam inserted into the pillow. In either case, being able to adjust the amount or density of the shredded memory foam would be a solution. For instance, Snuggle-Pedic has a blend of two kinds of memory foam, the regular memory foam and Biogreen Memory Foam, which is extremely low in VOCs, as verified in tests conducted by UL. In adjusting the pillows, the company varies the proportions in the blend as well as the density of the memory foam used. According to Dr. Swartzburg (who answers most of the critical reviews for Snuggle-Pedic), lumping and falling flat may be symptoms of retained moisture in the shredded memory foam. As noted in our review of the XC Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, one online reviewer rated Snuggle-Pedic and Coop Home Goods SMF pillows higher than those of Xtreme Comforts because SP and CHG could be opened up to add or remove shredded foam and XC could not.

Just a note: The sister pillow to SlimSleeper, the  Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, can be opened up and the amount of shredded foam adjusted.

The Cover

SlimSleeper has the same KoolFlow cover as the XC SMF and the Snuggle-Pedic pillows. This blend of polyester, bamboo rayon, and lycra has micro vents knitted in to enhance airflow through the fabric. While they have the same outer cover, the effectiveness of this depends largely on the breathability of the liner (the ticking, or inner cover).

Our Rating

Typically, pillows and mattresses are rated based on verified customer reviews, such as those on Amazon, Yelp, and Beds.Org, an aggregate rating calculated by weighing the numbers of stars awarded by each review (see Table 1 below).

Another way of evaluating these reviews is by the percentage of positive or critical reviews. On Amazon, positive reviews are those with 4 or 5 star ratings, and 1-3 star reviews are classified as critical. The positive/critical ratio for the SlimSleeper is 78:22. For the S-P UltraLuxe it is 85:15, and for the CHG Original it is 83:17.

An alternate method of rating is the three part ratio (Positive:Middle:Negative), which seems fairer than Positive:Critical. In this case, the score for the SlimSleeper would be 78:6:16.

The customer rating for the Xtreme Comforts SlimSleeper is 4.19 of 5 stars (84%), the same as the average customer rating for both verified customer reviews and all reviews on Amazon.

VCR Ratings Tables

Table 1: Detailed Review Ratings


Number of Stars

Percent  of Reviewers Number of Ratings

Number of Star Points:  (# of stars # of VCRs)





















Average VCR Rating / Totals:





Table 2: Three-Part Ratio










Xtreme Comforts SlimSleeper Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


Customer Review Ratings



  • Light smell, soon gone
  • Sleeps cool
  • Fluffier than solid foam
  • Not over-filled (perfect for stomach sleeper)
  • Price point - affordable


  • This pillow gets lumpy
  • This pillow fluffs out to 7-9 inches high, way more than 5”
  • This pillow falls flat
  • This pillow is too hot