PlushBeds logo

Michael Hughes founded PlushBeds in 2007 in California. It was incorporated in 2015. It is one of the senior companies when it comes to making and selling boxed mattresses online.
In an interview with Joe Auer of review site Mattress Clarity, Michael Hughes of PlushBeds said he and his wife had trouble finding an environmentally friendly mattress in local stores, so they looked up mattresses online. Very few websites, like those of Tempur-Pedic and other established brands, were well done with good information (but high-priced). Lesser-known brands were inconsistent, unreliable, and not original.

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Fair Trade Certifications

Fairtrade International and Fair Trade USA Logos

Fair trade standards were originally monetary, pertaining to the percentage of the end price (paid by consumers) that reached the other end of the supply chain, the original producers. Over time, this broadened to include working conditions, social/community conditions, and accessibility of education. Now it also includes sustainability, environmental responsibility, and climate.

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HIBR Pillows and Mattress

HIBR has made a dent in the markets for pillows and memory foam mattresses. Most of this is due to their innovation in materials technology and design. Their first mattress draws on a concept initiated by Dr. Swartzburg, but with innovative applications.

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Signature Sleep

Signature Sleep logo

Signature Sleep, a division of Dorel Industries, Inc. – also known as Dorel Home Products (DHP) – is one of several mattress manufacturers based in Canada.

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Zinus, located in San Leandro, California, is a manufacturer of mattresses, pillows, beds and accessories. They own manufacturing facilities in Xiamen, China, distribution centers in San Leandro and Hayward, California, and other facilities in San Francisco, California and Bentonville, Arkansas in the United States, and Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

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“What you see is what you get” The above statement is the intent of Bedfax: to answer the question, “What’s in the mattress? This is done with a label that lists all the ingredients of the mattress and where they are. What is Bedfax, and how did it begin? Bedfax…

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SSA Environmental & Safety Program

SSA Seales, Levels I & IV

In 2010, the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) launched the Environmental & Safety Program (ESP). The goal of this program was not to enforce certain ecological and safety features and qualifications for specialty sleep mattress, but transparency in claims made in these areas, in other words, “truth in marketing.”

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Made in USA Certifications

Made In USA Certified seal

If buying goods made in the United States is a priority, don’t fall for just any claim of origin, whether specific or implied. Look for one of the two seals described above as verification that the poduct meets the standards for being Made in USA.

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As the OEKO-TEX seal is now found extensively on fabrics sold in North America and Europe to verify that fabrics used are free from harmful substances, the GOTS seal is now expected to be found on textile products claiming to have organic content.

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