Tempflow Copia Mattress by Relief-Mart

Supportive Luxury in a Memory Foam Mattress


The Copia Mattress has been a Tempflow model for a long time, at least since before 2011 when it was named in a magazine article. It is one of four 11” high memory foam mattresses in this brand – the other current models are 9” high. Tempflow describes the medium-firm Copia Mattress as being luxury like the plush Eros Mattress, but more supportive, like the 9” Selene Mattress. However, the Selene Mattress is firm, while the 9” Flexia Mattress is medium-firm.

All Tempflow mattresses are deemed comparable to specific TEMPUR-Pedic models. The Copia is compared to the TEMPUR-Contour Rhapsody, which is being replaced by the TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt Firm.


Mattress Construction

As with most Tempflow mattresses, Copia has three foam layers: Comfort Layer, Support Layer, and Support Base (which is also the Channeled Airflow Layer).


Tempflow The Memory Foam Mattress That Breathes with Biogreen Memory Foam



The outer cover and the fire sock are the same as on all the other Tempflow models. The cover fabric is a thick, soft knit of a blend of polyester (56.4%), bamboo-sourced rayon (43%), and Lycra (0.6%). It is peppered with numerous knitted-in micro-vents, which are part of the Airflow Transfer System (see below). This cover is zippered for removal and cleaning.

The fire sock protects the foam from flames without using toxic chemicals.

Comfort Layer

This layer and the next are ventilated as part of the Airflow Transfer System (covered below).

The comfort layer of Copia is 1” of SD™ Ultra-Plush Biogreen®. This is 5-lb. memory foam, so it’s not natural to think of it as plush, let alone ultra-plush. However, this version of the foam has been engineered to increase its pressure sensitivity without sacrificing its more durable density, and it is the pressure sensitivity which makes it plush.

On this note, compare this layer and the next with those in Eros. In the medium-firm Copia, this is 1” thick, half the 2” height in plush Eros, while the next layer is 3” in Copia and 2” in Eros.

Support Layer

As in Eros, the Support Layer is SD™ Firmer Biogreen® Memory Foam. This is firmer to provide more support to sleepers on the softer Comfort Layer. However, it is the relative heights of the Comfort Layer and the Support Layer which determine the overall feel of firmness of the two mattresses, In medium-firm Copia the Support Layer is three times as high as the Comfort layer. In plush Eros they are equal in height. In extra-plush Celestia the 3” Comfort Layer is 1½ times the height of the 2” Support Layer (which happens to be polyurethane foam, not Biogreen).

Channeled Airflow Layer and Support Base

The difference between Eros and Copia in this section of the mattress is one layer in Copia and two in Eros. Though not stated in the descriptions, the Channeled Airflow Layer as a separate layer in Eros may be a bit less firm than the Support Base, making the difference between plush and medium-plush.

The 7” high Support Base is the primary support for the entire mattress. It consists of high-resiliency, high-density polyurethane foam. Channels are cut into the top surface of this block of foam, These, like the micro-vents in the cover and the vertical ventilation in the support and comfort layers, are components of the Airflow Transfer System, which is discussed in the next section.


Key Features

The key features of Copia are the same as for all Tempflow mattresses: The patented Airflow Transfer System and Biogreen Memory Foam.

Airflow Transfer System


Air Flow Transfer System - Tempflow Mattresses reduce body heat


The Airflow Transfer System (ATS) was developed under the direction of Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C., a chiropractor and V.P. of Product Development for Relief-Mart, to solve the problem of overheating of memory foam. It uses moving air to remove heat and bring cool air through the mattress layers. Beyond being a feature of just one part, it is a system of the whole mattress. The name of the Tempflow brand comes from the cooling use of this technology. This demo shows how it works.

Kool-Flow Cover

ATS begins and ends with the Kool-Flow Cover. The micro-vents are all over the cover, which puts them in place to enhance airflow through both the top panel and the sides.

Vertical Ventilation

When the Comfort Layer and the Support Layer are cut to size, they are put together and perforated vertically to make straight paths for air to move through these foams. Heat in the foam is transferred to the moving air. The number of pores means that cool air can move in and up while warm air moves down and out.

Horizontal Air Channels

The horizontal air channels in the top surface of the Channeled Airflow Layer provide for horizontal flow to and from the side panels (border) of the Kool-Flow Cover, as animated in this video of the Snuggle-Pedic Mattress.



Biogreen Memory Foam

Biogreen Logo

Biogreen is an innovation in memory foam developed at least eight years ago by Dr. Rick Swartzburg, Selectabed, and their foam producer. It is still a leading version of memory foam when it comes to emissions. It is called “Biogreen” not because of plant oil content (which it does not have), but because it is environmentally friendly – at least to the bedroom and home environments.

What is innovative in Biogreen memory foam is the process for making the foam. Selection in this area drove down Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to a negligible level. According to test results UL’s Air Quality Services lab, the VOC emissions level from Biogreen was 00.039 mg/m³, ¹/₁₃ CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX standards and ⅕ the strictest certification standard, GreenGuard Gold.

Warranty and Sleep Trial

Copia has a 40-year warranty, among the longest current warranties for memory foam mattresses, and a 120-night sleep trial. Both of these are much longer than TEMPUR-Pedic’s 10-year warranty and 90-night sleep trial. Most of the start-up online mattress brands, such as Casper and Yogabed, have warranties and sleep trials between those of Tempflow and TEMPUR-Pedic.


Customer Response

We calculate our ratings in accordance with our Verified Review Policy.

Due to narrower marketing of Tempflow mattresses, there are not very many reviews and remarks by customers. However, where these mattresses have been reviewed, Tempflow is among the top-rated memory foam mattress brands, for the average rating is high.


Copia has five reviews on Beds.Org, one on Yelp, and seven on Tempflow. All are 5-star ratings, leaving Copia with a 5.00 average rating. This is no surprise, since its medium-firm support level and feel is the preferred firmness for most customers. This, in fact, was the firmness of most of the one-model online bed-in-a-box startups.

Pros & Cons

Customers who previously had a TEMPUR-Pedic mattress noted that the Copia was cooler and had no odor. Most cited relief from neck and/or back pain. Another comparison was Tempflow’s price tag – much lower than the senior brand.


Mattress Review Summary

On par with the luxury of the Eros™ Mattress, but with a firmness that supports like our Selene Mattress, the Copia™ Mattress offers the right fit for those that need the extra support, but also want the fullest memory foam experience. If you like a medium and very contouring feel, are a back or all-position sleeper, or have a condition such as back pain, the Copia™ is the right model choice for you. The Copia™ is truly the best way to ensure the most comfortable sleep, while keeping your spine optimally aligned.