Tempflow Selene Mattress by Relief-Mart

A Firm, Yet Plush Choice


The 9” high Selene Mattress (named after the Greek Moon goddess) is the second firmest of the nine current Tempflow mattresses, slightly less firm than the Essence Mattress. It is also tied with the Eros Mattress for the highest number of reviews (all positive) across different platforms. It is compared to TEMPUR-Pedic’s TEMPUR-Contour Elite mattress, which is being replaced by the TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt Firm.

  • Mattress Depth: 9 inch
  • Comfort Layer(s): 1 inch SD™ Ultra-Plush Biogreen® over 2 inch SD™ Firmer Biogreen® Memory Foam
  • Mattress Feel: Firm
  • Tempur-Pedic’s® Comparable Feel*: Tempur-Contour Elite
  • Cost: Mid-range Model
  • Warranty: 40-years
  • Side Sleepers: No, unless heavier or firmer mattress is preferred
  • Back Sleepers: Yes
  • Stomach Sleepers: No, unless prefers firmer mattress
  • Back Pain: Yes
  • Obese: Yes, but call for possible re-enforcing, depending upon actual weight
  • The Doctor’s Take: The soft over thicker and firmer SD Biogreen surface gives a dimension of comfort, with the most optimal support. The stiffer base will work well for heavier individuals, back sleepers, and most back pain sufferers.


Mattress Construction

Like the other 9” Tempflow models, Essence, Flexia, and Gaia, and Selene mattresses have three layers.


Tempflow The Memory Foam Mattress That Breathes with Biogreen Memory Foam



The Selene Mattress shares the same Kool-Flow cover with knitted-in micro-vents for enhanced airflow into and through the mattress. This is thicker than most knits, making it more cushioning. The fiber is a blend of polyester, rayon from bamboo, and Lycra (spandex). The top panel is zippered for removal and cleaning. This keeps liquids used in cleaning from getting into the foam.

Comfort Layer

The 1” top layer of the Selene is Tempflow’s SD Biogreen Memory Foam. This 5-lb. memory foam is billed as “ultra-pressure sensitive,” which is expected of denser memory foam. Yet it does not have the same heat problem as most memory foam because of its vertical perforations.

Support Layer

This is another layer of 5-lb. Biogreen, but 2” high and firmer than in the Comfort Layer, though not as firm as the 1” Firm–Flex blended polyurethane foam in the Essence, essentially determining the difference in overall firmness of the two models. Like the Comfort Layer, the Support Layer is vertically ventilated. The two layers are perforated together so the vents line up for unhindered airflow.

Channeled Airflow Layer and Support Base

The 6″ high bottom section of the Selene Mattress is the Channeled Airflow Layer and Support Base, made of high-density and high-resiliency polyurethane foam. This extra firm foam provides underlying support for the entire mattress and the sleeper(s). Square-profile air channels are cut into the top surface of this layer for horizontal airflow.


Key Features

The two key features of the Selene, which are shared with the other Tempflow models, are Biogreen Memory Foam and the Airflow Transfer System.

Biogreen Memory Foam

Biogreen Logo

The Selene™ mattress uses a special Biogreen®, pressure sensitive, viscoelastic memory foam material that is free of dangerous chemicals like PBDE, TDI, Boric Acid and Bromine. This foam has been tested in a UL lab and found to be more environmentally friendly (especially to the environment of the bedroom) than most other memory foams.

The level of VOC* emissions was 00.039 mg/m³, ¹/₁₃ the amount allowed for certification by CertiPur-US and ⅕ the lowest level of GreenGuard Gold, the strictest VOC emissions standard.

Volatile Organic Compounds


Biogreen Test Results


Airflow Transfer System


Temflow Airflow Transfer Systeem


The name Tempflow means “temperature flow.” The signature feature of this brand is the patented Airflow Transfer System (ATS) developed by Relief-Mart (parent company of Tempflow). The benefit of ATS is cooling and freshness from the two-way flow of air through the mattress, as seen in this Snuggle-Pedic video. ATS is a solution to the trapped-heat problem memory foam is notorious for.



The three key components of ATS are (1) the Kool–Flow micro-vented cover, (2) vertical perforation of the upper foam layers, and (3) air channels in the top surface of the Channeled Airflow Layer (CAL). Kool–Flow’s micro vents facilitate air flowing into and out of the mattress at the top and on the sides. The perforations let air flow vertically between the top panel and the CAL. The air channels connect the vertical ventilation with micro vents on the sides to complete the air pathways.

The Airflow Transfer System has several times the airflow as with only vertical perforation, or only horizontal channels (or convolutions), or a blocking intermediate layer. It has an even greater advantage over open-cell foam without perforations or channels. This is shown in this demo by Dr. Swartzburg. It keeps the mattress cooler than gel, without the drawbacks for durability.

Warranty and Sleep Trial

Tempflow covers the Selene with a 40-year warranty, four times as long as the warranties on its TEMPUR-Pedic equivalents. The sleep trial is for 120 nights, a third longer than T-P‘s 90 nights.


Customer Response

We calculate our ratings in accordance with our Verified Review Policy.

The highest number of customer reviews and ratings is shared by Selene and Eros. They both have perfect scores with average ratings of 5.0 of 5 stars.


Rating and reviews of the Tempflow Selene Mattress are found on Beds.org, GoodBed, and Yelp. This model is also mentioned in several of the testimonials on the Tempflow website.

Pros & Cons

In their reviews, customers say that they now sleep through the night, no longer snore, wake up without back pain or neck pain, and the mattress is not hot like their previous mattress (some name TEMPUR-Pedic), not smelly, and does not adversely affect breathing. In their opinion, they chose the right mattress.