Retail Brand

DreamFoam Bedding is a brand of mattresses and accessories by Brooklyn Bedding of Glendale, Arizona. It now has its own website, with the Brooklyn Bedding site being used solely for their new flagship model, the #BestMattressEver, a boxed bed sold only online.  The DreamFoam products are sold not only online on the DreamFoam Bedding website, but also through Amazon and Wayfair. Most models bear the Ultimate Dreams label, but four are labeled UD.

Besides mattresses for the home and for RVs, DreamFoam also sells accessories, including  pillows, foundations, and adjustable beds.

Types of Mattresses

Brooklyn Bedding makes four types of DreamFoam mattresses: latex, memory foam, foam, and pocket coil. The first three types are listed on DreamFoam Bedding. Though not listed on the DreamFoam site, the pocketed coil mattresses are available through Amazon.


The four models of Ultimate Dreams latex mattresses feature Talalay latex comfort layers. They range from 10” to 14” in height.

Memory Foam

There are also four models of Ultimate Dreams memory foam mattresses, described in more detail below. Ranging from 10” to 13” in height, they feature one to two layers of memory foam, with the top layer gel-infused.


This is the entry-level type of foam mattresses. From 7” to 11” high, they consist simply of a layer of soft polyfoam over high density polyfoam.

Pocketed Coil Pillowtop

These three 12” models can legitimately be called hybrids, since the foam is at least half the height of the coils. All of these feature individually wrapped coils in the support core. Above this is a foam comfort layer and a foam-filled pillow top. The models are differentiated by the content of the foam: memory foam, gel memory foam, and latex.

Memory Foam Mattresses


DreamFoam Bedding has four models of Memory Foam MattressesUltimate Dreams 10″ Gel, Ultimate Dreams Aria Gel, Ultimate Dreams Supreme Gel, and Ultimate Dreams 13″ Gel.

Shared Features

Besides memory foam, the Ultimate Dreams Memory Foam Mattresses from DreamFoam Bedding share a few other features. Starting at the top, all four models have 4-way stretch knit covers. The memory foam in top layer of each is infused with gel (Gel is in the model names). The support bases consist of 1.8-lb. high density polyurethane foam. Within these shared features, there are some differences.


Ultimate Dreams 10″ GelThis firm model is paired with the soft Ultimate Dreams 13” Gel. The fiber in the cover of each is cotton.

This model has only two layers. The top layer is 3” of 4-lb. gel memory foam. The base is 7’ high, an inch thinner than the bases in the other three models.

Ultimate Dreams Aria Gel The name of this 12” high medium-firm model carries over the name of an earlier Brooklyn Bedding mattress (from before the mattress-in-a-box trend). The cover fabric is bamboo rayon (note that unless specifically stated otherwise, all bamboo fabric is made of rayon from bamboo), as is the cover of the Supreme Gel.

This and the following models have three-layer construction, as was pioneered by Dr. Swartzburg when he designed the Tri-Pedic. Here in the Aria Gel, the 3” top layer is 4-lb. gel-infused memory foam, and the 1” second layer is 4-lb. memory foam, while the base is 8” of high-density 1.8-lb. polyurethane foam. Unlike the Tri-Pedic, Aria’s upper memory foam is the same density as the lower memory foam, making the basic difference between the two Aria layers the gel in the top.

In the three models of the Tri-Pedic, the top layer is 4 lbs. and the second layer 5 lbs. The second layer is 2” high in all three, but the top layer varies: 1” in Gold, 2” in Platinum, and 3” in Diamond. This makes the average firmness level of Tri-Pedic models firmer than Aria Gel, while the DreamFoam model is less heat sensitive overall.

Gel infusion is supposed to cool the memory foam. The effectiveness of gel in cooling has been called into question, because it can only absorb so much heat before it becomes heat saturated.

Without the gel and without ventilation, we would expect the Ultimate Dreams Aria to be cooler than the Tri-Pedic because of the lighter memory foam density and the thinner middle layer. But the Tri-Pedic models have the option of Selectabed’s patented Airflow Transfer System (ATS), which draws air vertically through the comfort layers and channels it to the border through channels in the top surface of the base layer. A video demonstrates how much more effective ATS is for cooling.

Ultimate Dreams Supreme GelThe Supreme is the same height as the Aria, but its firmness level is medium. It has the same cover, the same thickness of the base support core, and the same densities in the two comfort layers. However, the relative heights of the two memory foam layers is different. The top 4-lb. gel memory foam is 1½”, and the 4-lb. memory foam second layer is 2½” high. This seems to indicate that gel-infusion makes memory foam firmer. Dr. Swartzburg says that gel changes the feel of the memory foam.

Besides affecting the firmness of the memory foam, some experts think gel infusion reduces the durability of the memory foam, at least with beads of gel, since the beads tend to separate out or migrate within the foam, weakening its structure.

Ultimate Dreams 13″ GelThis model is paired with the Ultimate Dreams 10” Gel. While the 10” is the firmest of the four DreamFoam memory foam mattresses, the 13” is the softest. The two models share the stretch-knit cotton cover and the 3” top layer of 4-lb. gel memory foam. The 1.8-lb. base in the 13” is an inch higher than the 7” base in the 10” model. What makes this so much plusher is the additional layer, 2” of 5-lb. memory foam, giving this model a total of 5” of visco-elastic material, the highest in this series.


Brooklyn Bedding gives consumers choice in its DreamFoam Bedding Memory Foam Mattresses, at least in firmness, with four options. However, gel infusion is the only specifically named solution for memory foam heat accumulation. Tempur-Pedic does have the option of airflow for cooling with Breeze models in each of its collections, and Relief-Mart’s bedding companies – Selectabed, TempFlow and Snuggle-Pedic – have the Airflow Transfer System. Options of other manufacturers include phase change materials, graphite fibers, and moisture-wicking.

The real options for DreamFoam Bedding are in the types of mattresses: latex, memory foam, foam, and pocket coils.