Memory Foam Mattress Reviews is proud to offer foam mattress reviews and links to help you make an informed decision when buying a memory foam mattress. With the help of Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C., a chiropractor and VP of Development for Relief-Mart (manufacturer of Selectabed, TempFlow, and Snuggle-Pedic mattresses),  we have reviewed the material on the following mattresses and even tested some of them personally. The result: A better understanding of what they are really selling and whether they really offer what they claim. Keep in mind that some of these companies may not give out important information like ILD ratings, but you can and should inquire before making the purchase. If you have any questions regarding any memory foam or other foam mattress types, you can contact Dr. Swartzburg personally.

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    See our reviews of individual models, series, and updates. Tempur-Pedic® - The original visco-elastic mattress company.  They recently discontinued their Original Bed, with three inches of 5.3-lb. memory foam over a 5-inch base of high density and high resilient (HR) polyurethane foam and the Classic Bed, which added another half inch of the softer 5.3-lb. memory foam over the HR base (see the Tempur-Contour Select in the next paragraph below).  Tempur-pedic® was the first to make popular the stretchable, thinner material cover that allowed for more of a memory foam feel to the mattress ...
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    Relief-Mart's Mattresses   Relief-Mart specializes in products for relief. Their product lines are Muscle & Joint Relief, Sleeping Products (pillows), Supports & Braces, Books on Better Living, Herbal Hot & Cold Packs, and Mattresses & Toppers. Selectabed, a subsidiary of Relief-Mart, makes memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows. Dr. Rick Swartzburg, a chiropractor, is the chief designer of these sleep products. Significant Selectabed brands are Tri-Pedic, Soft-Pedic, Fibro-Pedic, and Air-Pedic. Related brands, with their own marketing, are TempFlow and Snuggle-Pedic ...
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    Sleep Number

    Sleep Number is the top-selling brand of adjustable air beds. Started as Select Comfort by the founder of Comfortaire, Sleep Number/Select Comfort now owns the older company. For those who like the idea of adjusting the overall firmness of their mattress, Sleep Number now offers the m7 memory foam series with 3 inches of their gel-infused memory foam over their dual air chamber system. Following this is the m9 with 5 inches of memory foam ...
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    Serta iComfort

    The iComfort® Sleep Systems by Serta® marks this sleep industry giant's big push to gain traction in the memory foam mattress arena.  The iComfort uses insightful marketing to address areas of memory foam concern, such as heat buildup and durability.  Unfortunately, the mattress technology has not caught up with the hype. There are six models in the iComfort sleep line and they all utilize one layer of a MicroSupport™ gel that infuses tiny gel beads in memory foam with the thought that it will provide a cooler experience, along with more support to the body.  ...
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    Go Mattress, LLC was a manufacturer and retailer of memory foam mattresses in New York City. They have been out of business since mid-2016. The Sleep Fit memory foam mattress was the top model made by Go Mattress. It had three inches of 4-lb. memory foam over an eight inch high-resiliency polyurethane foam base and a cover with 1.5 inches of quilting.  This quilted cover took away some of the memory foam contouring, but some buyers were happy to find a memory foam mattress with more of a traditional look and feel ...
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    A. H. Beard Logo

    A. H. Beard

    One of the largest bed manufacturers in Australia is A.H. Beard. They produced the KoolFlow® mattress until a few years ago.  KoolFlow used the Airflow Transfer System (ATS) innovation for memory foam mattresses designed to dissipate heat through a new, patented technology to transfer vertical airflow through the comfort layers of a mattress to flow horizontally to the side of the mattress. This is discussed extensively in the Tri-Pedic, TempFlow, and Snuggle-Pedic memory foam mattress reviews above ...
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    Essentia Logo


    Canadian Maker of Latex Mattresses Essentia, based in Laval, a suburb of Montreal, Quebec, makes latex mattresses. The founder and CEO is Jack Dell’Accio. Mattresses are not the only products made or sold by Essentia. The product line includes Mattresses, Pillows, Kids’ Bedding, and Accessories. The Start Why latex? To avoid toxic chemicals. When a relative received a cancer diagnosis, ...
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    The Futon Shop logo

    The Futon Shop

    Green washing is getting popular these days, so it is worth mentioning that in the case of the “Natural, Organic, Soy” mattresses by The Futon Shop, there is no such thing!  It is true that a very small percentage of soy has been added to certain memory foams, but this amounts to less than 10% and even that amount currently distorts the memory foam feel ...
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    Costco Logo


    While not a mattress manufacturer, Costco, a major chain of warehouse stores, is constantly featuring memory foam mattress and toppers that are made exclusively for them.  If you are in the market to buy something with memory foam in it and don't want to spend much, Costco has just that. Brands of memory foam mattresses that Costco sells are Blackstone, Brentwood Home, Novaform, Simmons Beautyrest, Sleep Science, Thomasville, Tempur-Pedic, Comfort Tech, and Eight Sleep Jupiter.* The memory foam layers in the Novaform™ and Sleep Science™ mattresses are lower in density, and the feel is more spongy.  Overall, don't expect a high quality, but at least they are priced accordingly. The Jupiter by Eight Sleep is a smart bed, one of the more advanced cyber sleep mattresses currently in the market. Simmons and Tempur-Pedic are among the mattress establishment, adapting to keep up with the newcomers in the boxed-bed movement. * Manufacturers of these brands are: Blackstone (not disclosed) Brentwood Home (Brentwood Home) Novaform (Sleep Innovations) Simmons Beautyrest (Serta Simmons Bedding) Sleep Science (South Bay International) Thomasville (Boyd Sleep) Tempur-Pedic (Tempur-Sealy) Comfort Tech (Carpenter) Eight Sleep Jupiter (Eight Sleep) ...
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    Mattress Hero

    [Review Updated 2018] A number of years ago, we had quite a number of requests for us to review the Mattress Hero mattress, since an offer was sent so widely across the internet via  There can be no doubt that the pricing was very low for a memory foam mattress, but Mattress Hero products like Nature's Dream, had some definite longevity and specific warranty concerns.  For instance, Mattress Hero, LLC, did not cover "shrinkage" so long as the top could still be zipped on (presumably from the compression and rolled state the mattress came in when it arrived), and normal body impressions of up to 1½ inches were allowed ...
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