The Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Entry-Level Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery 10″ Medium Comfort Mattress with Hyper Responsive Memory Foam, Queen


What’s in a Name?

When Brooklyn Bedding (BB) launched an online mattress, they defied the convention of other established bedding manufacturers who established a new brand for their boxed bed model(s) – such as GhostBed by Nature’s Sleep, and Snuggle-Pedic by Selectabed. BB put their existing models under the new DreamFoam Bedding label and kept the established brand for their new line. The main reason for this appears to be the national name recognition for Brooklyn Bedding. It has in-store exposure in 33 locations (19 company-owned), most of which are in Arizona and Utah in addition to Internet exposure.

Three Models

Brooklyn Bedding’s new online offerings originally included only one mattress model (but with a choice of firmness). In 2018, it expanded to three models, one of which is Brooklyn Bowery. The name of Brooklyn Bedding’s entry-level mattress, Brooklyn Bowery, has interesting connotations related to New York City.

Brooklyn Bowery Corner View

Not the Bums

Although the company was named after a daughter of one of the owners, it is coincidentally the name of a borough in New York City, the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers until 1958. “The Bums” was one of their unofficial nicknames, bestowed by a newspaper reporter. The Dodgers are now at home in Los Angeles. This means the company in Phoenix is closer to the team than to Brooklyn, NYC, NY.

The Bowery is an avenue and a neighborhood in another NYC borough, Manhattan. Although it is now famous for several celebrity venues, for a long time it was known for the “bums” who paid short-term cheap rent in flophouses, frequented the many bars, and found nourishment at several charity soup kitchens. We can be sure that the name of this mattress is meant to reflect the present (upscale) reputation, not the former.

Mattress Construction

Brooklyn Bedding’s original online model, #BestMattressEver, was an all-foam mattress. This was revised in 2016 to the first version of Brooklyn Signature, also an all-foam mattress, then in 2018 revised it again to a pocket coil hybrid. Now BB has three models with the addition of Brooklyn Aurora and Brooklyn Bowery. Aurora is a luxury hybrid, leaving Bowery as the only all-foam mattress in this lineup. This is the entry-level model with a nice-sounding tag: “A slumber essential, elevated.”

Like the #BestMattressEver (BME), the Bowery is a 10” high mattress with three layers. However, the details differ.


While BME had (and Signature has) a quilted cover, the Bowery’s cover is a smooth-top stretch knit made with a cotton blend (likely with polyester).

Energex foam mattress

Comfort Layer

Instead of Talalay latex, as in BME, the top layer of Brooklyn Bowery is 3” of Energex. Although the description on Amazon calls this memory foam, it is not. Energex was engineered by Elite Foam Solutions to have properties of both latex and memory foam, making it in some was a latex-like foam, and in other ways a stand-in for memory foam. In this way, it is similar to (but not exactly like) the Adaptive Foam used by Tuft & Needle (also based in Phoenix).

Energex is an open-cell foam. In Bowery, it has gel infusion for cooling. This does work to some extent, but cooling would be more efficient with a greater flow of air through the mattress, such as with the Airflow Transfer System, an option with Selectabed mattresses and a standard feature on TempFlow and Snuggle-Pedic models. The video below shows how it works.

Transition Layer

BME’s transition layer was Dunlop latex. The transition layer in the Brooklyn Bowery is 2” of polyurethane foam. BB describes this as “comfort foam” with a firmness intermediate between the top layer and the support base.

Support Layer

The foam support core of the Bowery is 5” high, contrasting with BME’s 6” core. It is high-density polyurethane, the standard support core for most all-foam mattresses.

USA Made

Proudly Made in America by BBBrooklyn Bowery, like all Brooklyn Bedding and DreamFoam Bedding mattresses, is made in America in BB’s own plant in Phoenix, Arizona.


All Brooklyn Bedding online models are sold online from the company’s website and on Amazon, as well as in 33 stores in Utah and Arizona. The mattress is compressed, sealed, rolled, and put into a box for shipping by FedEx Ground. It is delivered directly to the customer’s door or taken home by the customer from the store – it’ll fit on the back seat of a car.

Warranty and Sleep Trial

As with all Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses, the Bowery is covered by a 120-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Customer Response

The relative newness of the Brooklyn Bowery and Brooklyn Aurora shows in the number of customer reviews on both the BB site and Amazon. On Brooklyn Bedding, 241 of the reviews are for Signature (both versions), 92 are for Aurora, and 24 are for Bowery. On Amazon, These are 21 overall and 17 VCR (verified customer reviews) for Signature (current version), 9 overall and 1 VCR for Aurora, 1 overall and 0 VCR for Bowery.

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Ratings

Mattress Reviews We calculate our ratings in accordance to our Verified Review Policy.

With only a total of 25 ratings, it is hard to get a really accurate average rating. A larger sample would have a smaller margin of error. As it is, changing one rating can change the average by up to 0.3 stars (4%).

Combining the Amazon and BB reviews gives us 22 5-star ratings, two 4-star, and one 1-star, for an average rating of 4.76 (95.2%). The BB average rating alone is 4.92 stars (98.3%) – the lone 1-star rating was on Amazon. However, the 2016 date of purchase in the Amazon review (which begins with, “Not sure if this is the same mattress being sold at their website …”) places it before the Bowery was introduced, leaving us with only the ratings on the Brooklyn Bedding site, making that mattress the all-foam version of the Signature.

Pros & Cons

Thumb up or down The most named pro of the Brooklyn Bowery is it is comfortable. Also cited is customer service. I didn’t see any cons, but the lowest ratings were 4 stars.

Brooklyn Bowery


Brooklyn Bedding



  • Pressure relief
  • Good for combo sleepers
  • Little to no off gassing
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • Not suited for heavier sleepers
  • Not best for side sleepers
  • Average edge support