Malouf Sleep Mattress Pillow Review

About Malouf Sleep

The Passion of Sam & Kacie Malouf, Who Wanted to Upscale Bedding

Malouf is located in Logan, Utah, not far from Salt Lake City. Also known as Malouf Fine Linens, its first products were bed linens: sheets and pillowcases. This was the passion of Sam & Kacie Malouf, who wanted upscale bedding, set out to find it at affordable cost, ordered a container load, and began selling it. This was in 2002. They still have a passion for linens, with their Woven brand of sheets & pillowcases, comforters, and bed skirts from Europe, Egypt, and the United States. “Attainable Luxury” is their tagline.

Now Malouf Sleep has a million-square-foot warehouse. Besides linens, their product line includes LinenSpa mattresses, Isolus toppers, Structures bed frames, Sleep Tite mattress protectors, and Z pillows, LinenSpa, and Weekender pillows. Here on, our focus will be on mattress reviews and pillow reviews, specifically those using memory foam.



Malouf has 32 pillows. The Z brand is on 23 of them, 6 are LinenSpa pillows, and 3 are Weekender models. All are listed for sale on the LinenSpa website. Most are listed on Amazon, but most of the names are somewhat different, which makes correlating the Amazon pillow with the one listed on the company’s pages somewhat of a challenge. However, this is true for most pillow manufacturers.

Most Malouf pillows are filled with memory foam, which is certified by CertiPUR-US. In some of these, the memory foam is infused with gel. Some of them have infusions of aromatic oils such as chamomile and peppermint. Other filling materials include latex, polyester fibers, and down.

Several of the Malouf memory foam pillows have covers with a blend of 25% bamboo-derived rayon and 75% polyester.

Malouf’s Z Zoned pillows are listed by Sleep Like the Dead as the 5th highest rated memory foam pillow brand with an 83% owner satisfaction rate, but the highest price range.


Malouf products are not only sold online, but also in stores. Mattresses and pillows are compressed and boxed, allowing them to be shipped by package carriers, such as UPS, FedEx and the US Postal Service (for pillows), and to be carried home from stores by customers.


LinenSpa and Lucid mattresses bear a 25-year warranty, except for folding mattresses, which are warranted for 3 years. The warranty on pillows is for 5 years.



LinenSpa and Lucid are the brand names for Malouf mattresses. These are sold on the LinenSpa website and at Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Overstock, Sleepy’s, Home Depot, Olejo, and others. The 19 models include innerspring, memory foam, latex, and polyurethane foam models, and a memory foam-latex hybrid.

LinenSpa does not claim American manufacturing. Several of their Lucid models, especially memory foam and latex mattresses, are described as “designed in the U.S. and made from imported materials,” a phrase missing from mattresses with the LinenSpa name.

Select mattresses and pillows by Malouf will be reviewed individually.

(a.k.a Malouf Fine Linens and Malouf Sleep, also d.b.a. LinenSpa)