Tempflow Essence Mattress by Relief-Mart


The Firmest Tempflow Mattress

The 9” high Tempflow Essence Mattress is the firmest of the current nine models of memory foam mattresses made under the Tempflow brand. There had been a firmer model, the 8” Eclipse, but it is no longer listed. It has a comparable feel to the TEMPUR-Contour Supreme, which is now being replaced by the new TEMPUR-ProAdapt Firm.

  • Mattress Depth: 9 inch
  • Comfort Layer(s): 2 inch SD™ Firmer Biogreen® Memory Foam over 1 inch Firm-Flex™
  • Mattress Feel: Extra Firm
  • Tempur-Pedic’s® Comparable Feel*: Tempur-Contour Supreme
  • Cost: Least Expensive Model
  • Warranty: 30-years
  • Side Sleepers: No, unless heavier or firmer mattress is preferred
  • Back Sleepers: Yes
  • Stomach Sleepers: No, unless prefers firmer mattress.
  • Back Pain: Yes
  • Obese: Yes, but call Tempflow for possible re-enforcing, depending upon actual weight.
  • The Doctor’s Take: The stiffer/firmer surface will give less pressure point reduction for the joints, while offering more spinal support for heavier individuals and back pain sufferers.


Mattress Construction


Tempflow The Memory Foam Mattress That Breathes with Biogreen Memory Foam


While the other Tempflow mattresses have four layers, Essence and Gaia have three, as did Eclipse. They all share certain features, such as the Airflow Transfer System and Biogreen memory foam. Specific foam layers in some of the other mattresses differ from those in Essence in composition, firmness, and thickness, thus defining this model.

Mattress Cover

The Kool-Flow micro-vented cover is the same on all Tempflow mattresses. It is a component of the patented Airflow Transfer System (ATS), designed to keep the mattress cool and fresh. Made of a blend of bamboo-derived rayon polyester, and lycra, the stretch knit conforms to the sleeper along with the memory foam. The micro-vents let air flow more freely than knit alone.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layer of the Essence is 2” of 5-lb SD™ Biogreen® memory foam. In Essence, it is described as ultra-pressure-sensitive 5-lb memory foam is already very pressure-sensitive, while 7-lb memory foam is even more pressure-sensitive. Tempflow says this is “firmer” than the normal Biogreen, a factor in the Essence’s Extra Firm rating. It is vertically ventilated as part of the ATS.

The primary advantage of Biogreen its is lack of toxic chemicals and its extremely low level of VOC emissions (see below).

Support Layer

The support layer in Essence is 1” of Tempflow’s Firm-Flex, a “blended” polyurethane foam. This is called “ultra-responsive” – code for resilience, making it sound like a latex-like foam. The support layer is intermediate in firmness between the comfort layer and the base layer. As part of the Airflow Transfer System, this foam is vertically ventilated in line with the perforations in the comfort layer.

Channeled Airflow Layer and Support Base

The 6” high base layer consists of high-resiliency, high-density firm polyurethane foam. The exact density is not stated, but according to the principles of the manufacturer, it is at least 1.8 lbs.

As part of the ATS, channels are cut into the upper surface of the base.


Principal Features

The signature features of Tempflow mattresses, including the Essence, are the Airflow Transfer System and the Biogreen memory foam.

Airflow Transfer System


Tempflow Airflow Transfer System logo


The Airflow Transfer System (ATS), developed and patented by Selectabed (parent of Tempflow), is an option for Selectabed mattresses, such as the Tri-Pedic Series, Fibro-Pedic and Soft-Pedic, the Flex-Tech Series, Memory Zone, and Air-Pedic, and standard in Tempflow and Snuggle-Pedic mattresses. Air flows vertically through the upper layers and horizontally through the channels on the Channeled Airflow Layer. The Kool-Flow cover with micro-vents lets air enter and leave the system. The parallel pathways allow air to flow both directions, replacing warm air with cool. This system has seven times the airflow, therefore multiple times the cooling, as open-cell foam alone. How it works can be seen in this demo video by Dr. Rick Swartzburg and in this animation.



Biogreen Memory Foam

Biogreen Memory FoamTempflow innovation has developed Biogreen Memory Foam. This is a standard material in Tempflow mattresses. The name refers to the effect of this mattress foam, not to its ingredients. The manufacturer does not claim that this is plant-based memory foam.

First, what goes into this foam? Not phthalates or any other toxic chemicals, such as flame retardants. The processing of the foam has been refined to drastically reduce the level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the final product. Biogreen was tested in a UL third-party certification testing laboratory. It was found to have VOC emissions of 00.039 mg/m³, ¹/₁₃ the level permitted by CertiPUR-US and ⅕ the amount of the strictest standard, GreenGuard Gold.

Graph of Lab Test Results for Biogreen Memory Foam


Warranty and Sleep Trial

The Essence carries a 30-year Tempflow warranty, three times as long as the 10-year warranty on the TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme and TEMPUR-ProAdapt Firm. The sleep trial is for 120 nights, while TEMPUR-Pedic’s is 90.


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